The most widespread myths of romantic love that promote toxic and dependent relationships

Since we are little we are used to hearing certain expressions or popular sayings regarding the Couple relationships that what they do is foster toxic relationships and emotional dependency. Myths such as that of the better half or that jealousy is a sign of love have done a lot of damage to the development of our affective relationships, so we should try to eliminate them, not only from our thinking, but also from our language, to stop from pass it on to the new generations. We have collected the ten myths of romantic love along with a brief explanation of why they are wrong in order to promote healthy relationships, respect and mutual support. Look at them:

Who does love you, will make you cry

Sorry? who loves you well will make you laugh, take care of you, respect you, support you…but never, ever, will it make you cry, at least consciously and spitefully. It is true that when you love a person it is easier for you to cry because of something that has happened to them or because of a misunderstanding between the two of you when you feel connected. But that of relating suffering with love is something very toxic.

The love conquers all

Well no, girls, sometimes love is not enough. Loving another person is no guarantee to overcome any problem and most of the time it is necessary to work on that relationship so that the communication flow between you and you could really overcome the obstacles. Not to mention that if you love someone but they don’t make you happy, you should prioritize yourself yourself before that supposed love.

The perfect match

That thought that we go through life halfway, blindly looking for that other part that complement to finally be a whole person is as false as it is harmful. You are a complete person and you can be happy without having a partner but, if you find one, it will not fill a space that you are not capable of filling, but it will will complement on some things, it will disagree with you on others and, if you are lucky, it may even show you new paths that you had not yet noticed. And be careful, you don’t only have one half orange waiting out there split in half, but you can find many people throughout your life who are your ideal partner for the duration (for more information, see six myths below).

Jealousy is proof of love

Error! Jealousy is a sign of possession. Well, being more clear, jealousy is a feeling that we all experience at some point in our lives, but how manifest and what you do with them makes a difference. We can all feel jealousy, which is nothing more than a unsafety own and fear of losing your partner, but if we turn our insecurities into the other person trying to do and be as we want, we are not showing love. We are telling you that we are your owners. And that, friend, is not good.

Opposites attract

A couple cannot be Same in everything, it is clear, but two completely opposite people cannot have a 100% healthy relationship either. at least there should be a common basethoughts, morality or lifestyle, to be able to share quality time together and have conversations in which, even if you disagree on some points, coincide in the important ones.

Those who fight desire each other

They told you this in the schoolyard when a child pulled your pigtails or lifted your skirt next to: “If he hits you, it’s because he likes you”. I am not a child psychologist and I do not dare to ensure that children’s behavior is governed by these guidelines, but transferring it to the adult world is a mistake. Those who fight do not want each other (understanding fights as constant fights, not as differences of opinion), those who fight constantly have a bad relationship and point.

Blue prince

Fairy tales have filled our heads with blue princes on white steeds that they rescue to the princesses of evil witches or fierce dragons. And we should get rid of that thought that someone has to rescue us because the couple does not arise from necessity, but from respect and admiration.

Happy forever

Formerly, couples were not separated because of what they will say, because of the dependence of women towards men or because that was not done, period. Today it is more common to separate or divorce after several years of relationship, but this myth carries a culpability and a feeling of not having risen to the occasion or not holding on long enough. Some loves last forever and others do not, which does not mean that they are not the same. important.

The love of your life

This myth links to that of the better half and tells you that there is only one person on the entire planet with whom you are going to be happy. What Pressure, TRUE? And what a coincidence that many times that person is within a radius of less than 10 kilometers around you. Could it be that the love of your life comes with GPS or is it that there may be several people with whom you can have a satisfying and fulfilling relationship?

Butterflies in the stomach

When you start a relationship, it is common for your stomach to contract every time you are with the other person, feeling that it is going disappearing over time. The implantation of this myth in our minds makes us associate the absence of this sensation with the Lack of love towards your partner and it doesn’t have to be that way. Love is transform with the passage of time and the important thing is not to feel the usual butterflies in the stomach, but that your relationship continues to add to you and you respect, admire and take care of each other.

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