The most wanted diet of 2019

Now that we just said goodbye to 2019, the giant of Internet has revealed what the most searched terms throughout the year. And in what corresponds to feeding trends, they affirm that there is a clear winner. It turns out that the most searched diet on Google has been… intermittent fasting!


Probably not much, since we have heard about it on multiple occasions. However, the fact that it is one of the most sought-after concepts means that it still generates not only curiosity, but also doubts. The fasting or intermittent fasting it is a nutritional plan in which reduce the number of calories daily that we consume alternating hours in which we can eat food, with others in which all we can drink are liquids, such as water, tea or coffee.

The fast usually lasts about 12 – 16 hours, but there really are different types of intermittent fasting that can be adapted to the needs of each one.

Among them, we find the method 5: 2, in which you consume what you want for five days a week and the remaining two practice a semi fast. Or the diet of Warrior, in which concrete foods are prioritized and taken only at night.


Benefits of intermittent fasting, the most sought after diet

The objective of intermittent fasting is losing weight, but also carries other benefits. And most important of all, science has endorsed them. That is why it is important that we banish the main myths about fasting, since in general it is not harmful if it is controlled. This was pointed out by the conclusions of a study carried out by the neuroscientist of the Johns Hopkins University, Mark Mattson, and published by the magazine 'The New England Journal of Medicine'.

The expert commented that the intermittent fasting promotes cell health, probably due to the metabolic change that our body experiences when it adapts to food shortages, since cells convert fat into energy.

He also points out that intermittent fasting can improve the regulation of blood sugar, increases resistance to stress and decreases inflammation.


No wonder this diet has become the Google's most searched. In fact, there are many celebrities who practice intermittent fasting, that's why it has become so fashionable. A few days ago Elsa Pataky told 'El Hormiguero' that both she and her husband, Chris Hemsworth, fasted for 16 hours a day. "I think it is the best anti-aging trick, not taking anything in 16 hours to let your body rest" commented the actress.

And other celebrities like Jennifer Aniston or Reese Witherspoon, admitted that they did the same to be fit: combine intermittent fasting with six days of exercise a week.

To practice this type of feeding, you should first choose the intermittent fasting schedule that best suits your needs. And do not be overwhelmed before trying: there are many tricks to avoid starvation during fasting.

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