The most viewed viral decoration tricks on Instagram to make the rooms in our house look bigger (without doing renovations)

We are going to tell you a secret: size does not matter. Or, at least, it doesn't matter when we talk about a house. You do not need to have a mansion to live in a large space, nor is it necessary to do major reforms (here are some beautiful ideas that we have seen on Pinterest), go crazy to throw partitions or have a large budget for our living room, bedrooms or the kitchen gain square meters. The key is in take good advantage of every millimeter of our home, making it more functional and versatile.

Color changes to differentiate environments (we have already told you the 60-30-10 rule to choose the right shades of paint and decoration), open and diaphanous spaces, efficient storage, minimalist furniture, natural light and the height games to double (or triple) the living areas, especially in the room of the little ones, will be our great deco allies. And that is where Instagram comes into play and these practical and original tricks that we have found to turn our little apartment into a palace. Almost.

1. Storage as a decorative element and set of heights in the bedroom

2. Your office to telecommute is in bed … but not as you imagine

3. Can't find the bed? Look at the ceiling …

4. A complete room (with its double bed and its closets) 'hidden' in a wall

You are interested

5. And if you are lucky enough to live in a house with high ceilings … you have twice the square footage!