The most sought after nougat this Christmas is a low cost one created by the best pastry chef in the world (and it costs less than 2.50 euros)

The Christmas, beyond religious traditions, lights and tinsel, majestic nativity scenes and fir trees and poinsettias, it tastes like nougat. On these dates, everything is celebrated around a beautiful table, and it cannot be missed plates and trays overflowing with typical sweets with which to forget about the diet. But, what if we tell you that this year, the most desired nougat is going to be one from a very cheap supermarket made by the best pastry chef in the world? Our mouths water just thinking about it …

In all families there are those who prefer hard nougat to soft, marzipan to polvorones, roscón de Reyes to Panettone, lamb with sea bream and cava with cider. But there is something that unites us above all and in which we all agree: the chocolate nougat. Because, Lidl has launched a gourmet version of this Christmas classic reinterpreted by Xavi Donnay (responsible for the dessert menu of the Lasarte de Martín Berasategui restaurant and winner of the Best Pastry Chef Award in 2020, which accredits him as the best pastry chef in the world 2020) who promises us delicious bites of nougat-coulant of dark chocolate, with a touch of salt and coffee, and that, in addition, it can be heated in the microwave to be consumed hot.

Yes, as you read it, in addition to being made with the highest quality ingredients, this nougat has the particularity that it is served in eight comfortable individual portions that, « When heated for 30 seconds in the microwave, they cause a rash of melted chocolate that melts on the palate, leaving an exquisite and unbeatable sensation in the mouth “, they assure from Lidl. “I am very happy with the result, which combines one of my favorite desserts, the coulant, with this star product of Christmas”, Xavi Donnay remarks.

At this point, you may have stopped reading and right now you’re running to the nearest Lidl to grab all the DOR nougat coulant nougat you can before they run out, but there’s more. Much more. This delight, in addition to a high-quality gourmet bite, It is very cheap (it only costs 2.49 euros), is innovative (Donnay himself acknowledges that “today there are already many signature nougats, of many different flavors, and I wanted to go further and also play with textures and shapes«) And is responsible, since the chocolate used bears the Fairtrade seal that certifies that it meets fair, sustainable and solidarity trade standards established by the FLO (Fairtrade Labeling Organizations International). This year, gluttony is more than allowed at Christmas.

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