The most sought-after diet on the Internet to lose weight: why cause furor?

It has been the star diet, the most searched on the internet for years, above the keto, the paleo and many others, and that is saying something. Generally we live obsessed by the diets, although it is something that comes from old (remember if not the famous Maria Callas's plan, with parasites, to achieve weight loss) and when we find one that works with our body we put ourselves as Archimedes shouting Eureka when leaving the bathtub.

But what is really the GOLO diet? It is a plan developed by a team of doctors and pharmacists (according to the company) that instead of limiting carbohydrates or fats focuses on balance the hormones. The philosophy of this plan is that the imbalances hormonal They are triggers of stress and anxiety, which leads to fatigue, hunger and poor sleep quality. All this, in turn, leads to overeating, bingeing and do it in an "emotional" way.

Now that we know what it is, we must focus on the three steps to follow to start it. It is assumed that no more than 30 days to reach the established objectives, again according to the guide that promotes it, and that there is no need to fear rebound effect.

It is a plan that includes taking supplements that, according to the company, are natural, but can give side effects

First step, with pills. Each meal should be consumed with the 'Release' tablets, patented by the company, which according to the same, are made of linseed oil and other ingredients of vegetable origin. They claim that Release optimizes blood sugar and insulin regulation, balances hormones, increases hunger and controls cravings. They also advise stopping eating them once you reach your ideal weight.

Second step, Metabolic Fuel Matrix. These are meal plans that measure the metabolic effect of each food, which allows each of the meals to be balanced and not generate excess insulin or fat.

Third step. Guide. This last step consists of a guide sheet that indicates the steps to follow to maintain a long-term active metabolism. It seems easy, right?

The critics

The company says it was carried out a blind study in 2018, with people who were overweight. In the sample, it was given placebo to a part of them and Release to the other, so they did not know what they were ingesting. According to GOLO, those who they took the pill they lost more weight, although it must be taken into account that the studies were financed and carried out by the company itself and that they are not found in the revised database of the National Library of Medicine.

Not only that, but also the exact amount of the various Release ingredients they do not know each other, but according to the database of some natural medicines that share their formula, could cause nausea or digestive discomfort. The main problem that the diet has are these supplements, since the company does not clarify at any time what they are made of, nor does it clarify the way in which it could be regulated. insulin resistance to lose weight.

There are criticisms of all kinds in Amazon. Some explain that the diet consists of food typical healthy, which include lean proteins, healthy fats and unprocessed carbohydrates, in smaller proportions, plus a daily exercise routine. They also pointed out that the program suggests cooking with a week in advance, something that not everyone can carry out. Others stated that they had not lost weight during the process because the diet is not clear enough about the feeding.

Do it or not?

Of course, he has positive points, because he proposes a plan healthy meals with nutritious foods. However, without independent data on the launch, it is difficult to say if it really leads to better results and if it is safe for everyone. But there is something that is clear, many people have lost weight successfully leading a healthy eating plan and exercising. Some habits that do not require pills or brochures.

In case, even so, you would like to try the GOLO diet, the smartest thing is that you look at the contraindications of Release ingredients and consult with your doctor to be able to carry out a plan of absolute confidence.