The most powerful and effective medicinal plants (according to science)

Rare is the house in which there is not a supplement of herbs and medicinal plants hidden at the bottom of the kit to get us out of a hurry with a specific health problem. Since valerian capsules To sleep better with sage infusions to ease the pain of the period, we have all turned to our pool of knowledge on plants, seeds and flowers to combat an ailment … and science knows it. Therefore Every time it makes more studies to verify if the virtues that we attribute to these medicinal plants are true or not. At the moment these are the ones that have shown the best results in the laboratory. Take note.

Ginko Biloba: the protector of the brain

It has shown that it has the capacity to delay cognitive decline so it is considered a good natural remedy for the brain, but its effects on other diseases, such as diabetes, and whether it is an ally of our bones in addition to our neurons, are also being studied.

Cautions: long-term consumption is not recommended because it can affect the liver. Also, no one should take it without notifying the doctor because its active ingredients interact with numerous medications.


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Evening primrose oil, for menstrual problems

The oil obtained from this pretty yellow-flowered plant has anti-inflammatory properties reason why it has always been considered, and rightly so, a good ally against breast and gut pain during menstruation. So much so that it is also being studied whether its power may also benefit women with polycystic ovary. In addition it has also been shown to be effective in cases of dermatitis.

Cautions: It can also interact with medications, so its indiscriminate use is not recommended and without informing the doctor.


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Lavender to combat anxiety

If you can't sleep, lavender is your flower. If you must face a stressful situation, lavender is also your flower. And if you have to study, well you know, put a little lavender in your life. This elongated and violet flower has shown that helps improve cognitive performance and has sedative, calming and anxiolytic properties.

Cautions: ingested can be toxic (careful with the homemade preparations and the doses that are used) and the application of lavender essential oil can cause irritation to the skin of susceptible people.

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