The most effective natural remedies to treat cold sores

The herpes simplex virus (HSV-1) is the cause of the infection that causes such cold sores. They are highly contagious, painful, bothersome and aesthetically undesirable in addition to being accompanied by symptoms such as fever, burning in the area or itching. This common disease can and should be treated with appropriate medications prescribed by your doctor. but it is true that blisters that arise on the lip can also be treated naturally. We tell you what five remedies can effectively treat cold sores.

The first thing you have to do is wash your hands well if you are going to touch the affected area to avoid both contamination and spreading the virus. Then clean and disinfect the area of ​​skin that suffers from herpes and then you can choose between one of these five natural remedies to avoid, or the blister arises, or it takes less time to disappear.



Garlic is a natural antiviral food so sand becomes a great ally when treating infections as in the case of cold sores. Cut a clove of garlic in half and apply it by gently sliding it over the blister. Discard the piece of garlic and repeat the operation with the other half of the tooth. It is a home remedy with a natural antibacterial product that helps eliminate the recurrence or recurrence of cold sores.


aloe vera

Aloe vera gel has a powerful calming action, so it will help you calm and dry the ampoule that may have left you or relieve the burning or burning of the impending gallbladder that is about to appear.

Aloe Vera What you are going to do is rehydrate the skin, it has an anti-inflammatory effect and softens, in addition to being an excellent cell regenerator. Apply the gel on the area to be treated several times a day.



The anti-inflammatory par excellence that also desensitizes the skin, an effect that can be like a slight numbness to relieve the discomfort of the area affected by cold sores In addition to deflating the skin.

Surely if you usually suffer from herpes on the lips you know how the process begins, well, when you notice that tingling, tingling or burning that is a prelude to the blister and the associated pain, apply some ice on the area to avoid Let it swell. To avoid damaging your skin, wrap the ice in a clean thin cloth or muslin for a few minutes.



Yogurt is a food rich in lactic acid, niacin and vitamins of group B, substances that help fight infections effectively. To treat cold sores you can either take it in your diet, or apply yogurt directly on the affected area, yes, take care that it is a natural yogurt without dyes and additives.

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The last natural remedy comes from the hand of a food with magnificent antiseptic properties that is perfect to ward off colds or alleviate associated symptoms. Honey has been used for centuries to treat infections and has come to this day also as a remedy to treat the cold sore virusEven studies have been carried out that have concluded that it is a very good option to relieve your symptoms, you just have to apply it on the area to be treated.

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