The most desired design lamps by interior designers and decorators are a supermarket bargain that looks luxurious and costs less than 15 euros

If at this point you still think that Lidl It’s just a cheap supermarket, you are very wrong. After revolutionizing the sartorial territory with the 20 euro corporate sneakers that were resold for more than 500 on second-hand clothing websites, the famous German chain for its low prices is sweeping the decoration lovers thanks to its versatile furniture and super low cost design pieces. Folding tables that make the kitchen bigger, auxiliary tables that look like they came from an antique shop and, now, the most desired lamps by interior designers at bargain prices.

The Pineapple Lamp has been triumphing for years among those who know the most about decoration: a sculptural piece with a gold base and a contrasting dark lampshade that is capable of becoming the true protagonist of the most stylish living rooms and bedrooms. IKEA brought out its own version and swept it away, and now Lidl is joining the trend with the cheapest yet, because his pineapple lampwith enameled ceramic body, led bulb and pads to avoid scratching the furniture it costs 14.99 euros. Of course, every time the supermarket chain puts it up for sale, it sells out in minutes on its website (it hasn’t even reached the store).

Lidl copies the Seletti Monkey lamp for 24.99 euros. / lidl

Something similar occurs with other design options that the German chain has decided to include in its home catalog. Lovers of interior design will immediately recognize Seletti’s famous Monkey Lamps, the designs by Marcantonio Raimondi Malerba that have been sweeping the most groundbreaking houses for a few seasons. Its monkey-shaped lamps holding bulbs in different positions have already become an icon of current decoration and Lidl did not want to miss the opportunity to copy them in an ultra low cost version: for 24.99 euros.

Lidl’s designer lamps, in the shape of a monkey, toucan or giraffe, cost 24.99 euros. / LIDL

And it is that if the design of Lild’s furniture and decorations had opted until now for functionality, versatility and Scandinavian minimalism, now they surprise with tropical style and ‘cheap&chic’ opulence with these details that will make a difference in any room you place them, because in addition to pineapples or monkeys, we can also find (if they are not sold out) ideal lamps in the shape of a toucan or giraffealways with gold as the protagonist, for less than 25 euros.

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