The most common mistakes you make when going for a walk (and you don't realize it)

It is becoming more and more important to exercise. Not only if you are looking to lose weight and have adopted a healthy and balanced diet, but also in order to improve the mood in these turbulent times in which global mental health is being put in check as a result of the pandemic. Well, after all, when we do physical activity, our body secretes dopamine and serotonin, two of the hormones associated with well-being and happiness.

And if you feel a bit insecure or are not very fit, the best way to exercise is still by going for a walk. Even if you want to shed a few extra pounds. A study published in the 'Journal of Excercise, Nutrition & Biochemistry' monitored a group of obese women for 12 weeks who went for a walk. At the end of that period, noticed a large reduction in abdominal fat, so they also lowered their risk of future diabetes and heart disease.

"Spending time in natural surroundings is closely related to a decrease in blood pressure and heart rate"

Hence, one of the conclusions of the study was to extend the recommendation to go for a daily walk, especially for those people who are overweight and cannot perform much physical effort, as well as for all those "who have no previous experience with training". And although it is very simple compared to other types of exercises that do require greater skill and physical disposition, it must be done correctly, because otherwise we could be making a series of errors that if not corrected can be perpetuated by postponing the benefits that we receive. contributes. For this reason, the magazine 'Eat This Not That' has consulted the experts to find out what we are doing wrong and thus correct it.

You don't practice it abroad

When it comes to walking, it is a must to do it outdoors to notice all the benefits. In this sense, it is not so convenient to resort to the treadmill and stay watching television, because in the end, going outside and feeling the fresh air greatly conditions the positive sensations that we will experience. Unless it's raining, of course. But it is also not worth settling for going for a walk in the area near our residence, but the experience will be more profitable if we practice it in a natural environment.

The serious health dangers of not going for a short walk every day


"Spending time in the forest is strongly related to a decrease in blood pressure and heart rate, as well as a drop in stress hormones and therefore anxiety, depression or fatigue ", says a report published in 'The Wall Street Journal', which echoed a study published in the journal 'Scientific Reports 'which found that "the health and well-being of people who spent around 120 minutes per week in nature was increased compared to those who did not."

You don't wear the right clothes

Obviously, going for a walk does not require sports clothing just as it does require going for a run. But it is no less important to know how to choose well the garments that will make up our wardrobe during the walk, especially the footwear. If you are going to spend more than half an hour walking, you should wear comfortable shoes to avoid that your feet hurt at the first change or you get any blisters from the concentrated sweat. You must also be careful with your clothes, because if the temperature is good you cannot be very warm (otherwise you will sweat more) or very cool (since it does not have as much physical demand as running, you can be cold). And this, in turn, will affect the chances of catching a cold or not.. Be prudent and choose the clothes that you are going to wear before starting out for a walk.

You don't warm up before you go out

Although, as we said, going for a walk is not as physically demanding as running, it is very important to do some short warm-up exercises before you hit the road, especially if you haven't been exercising for a season, as this can prevent injuries in the future. And if they are not injuries, they will be uncomfortable pains that incapacitate you and reduce the desire to continue with your project of walking regularly. Therefore, before leaving, move and stretch the ankles and knees especially, since they are the joints that will suffer the most from the impact of physical activity.

You always go the same route

Dare with new views and horizons. If you always resort to the same path, you run the risk of becoming mentally tired and bored.and. Also, who knows? Maybe you'll discover a nice new place to go not just for exercise or walking, but to take someone special out for a beautiful time.