The most common foods that can cause serious damage to your liver

The liver is the great laboratory of the human bodyHence the enormous importance it has when it comes to performing vital functions. In short, it is in charge of helping the stomach digest food, eliminate toxins, and store energy. If we do not take good care of our diet or maintain bad habits such as drinking alcohol or smoking, we risk suffering from serious liver diseases that in addition to complicating our daily lives can become life threatening.

Some of the more common symptoms of various liver diseases include swelling in the abdomen or legs sudden changes in the color of stools or urine and, above all, jaundice, that is, yellow skin and eyes. As you do not want to expose yourself to this series of risks, here are a series of foods and products that you should eliminate from your diet as soon as possible, compiled by the magazine 'Eat This Not That'.

Sugary soft drinks

Alcohol is not the only drink that can wreak serious havoc on your liver. Also sugary drinks and soft drinks. "In low doses they can be bad for your small intestine," he acknowledges. Ian Braithwhite, British health and lifestyle specialist. "But in high doses they can lead to liver toxicity. Foods that provide the most fructose (one of the toxic ingredients in soda) contain highly refined sugars. "

Some sauces

If you want to take care of your liver, another of the best things you can do is say goodbye to ketchup or mustard. Unless you choose to make them yourself, since the problem is that, like sodas, they contain a lot of added sugars. "Often the most dangerous sources of fructose are those in which the sugar content is less obvious such as ketchup or some salad dressings ", assures the specialist.


Obviously, unless you cook them yourself, if you buy them already frozen it is very possible that they contain a high content of saturated fat. "Diets high in this type of lipid lead to an increase in the fat present in the liver and affect the person's resistance to insulin," he explains. Leann Poston, doctor specializing in liver diseases.

Vegetable oils

"Vegetable oil oxidizes faster than olive oil when frying, contributing to liver damage through nonalcoholic fatty liver disease," he says. Kelly Cole, British nurse. Therefore, the best thing you can do is spend a little more money on olive oil. Your health and your liver will thank you.


The good amount of sodium in these types of meat products can cause an imbalance of the proportions of fluids in the body, which "makes it difficult for the liver to perform efficient filtering", stresses John fawkes, dietitian and nutritionist. "This could cause much more serious liver problems in the future."