The most beautiful ideas of Pinterest to know how to combine the colors in the decoration of your house according to the 60-30-10 rule

The 60-30-10 method, the viral trick that sweeps networks to help us know how to combine colors in decoration, is like the golden rule of the chromatic proportion in our house. For achieve color harmony in the different rooms of our home we only need to choose a predominant tone (60%) and two complementary (30 and 10%) to create magazine stays. But how to put theory into practice with perfect results? We have searched, and found, the best inspiration on Pinterest.

The key when choosing the colors in our home is in harmony: everything must combine perfectly to create balanced, elegant spaces with a very personal trend pointand we will achieve it both with the choice of furniture and with decorations and textiles and, of course, the materials used.

For choose the predominant color Whatever that 60% means, it is best to opt for neutral tones that act as a canvas to be able to play more freely with complementary tones. In this case, white, of course, will be a successful option, since by combining it with other colors we will break that cold ‘hospital effect’; but also beiges and the palette of softer earths, even smoke gray.

the secondary tone, that 30%, will be the one we will choose for important pieces and furniture (sofas, furniture, upholstery, curtains and rugs…) and with it we will put the real color note to the room. Here you can play with more striking tones (your favorite color, for example) and even with materials (wood, metallic finishes, stainless steel) that, depending on how they go with the style of the room, take on a great role.

By last, decorative touches will make up that final 10% (and very important). This is where we can risk the most, although the details end up becoming the essence of the room. This 10% will be used for small decorations, cushions or paintings, so don’t be afraid to take risks with the trending tone of the season, with touches of gold or glitter, with very intense tones and even play with the green of the plants. or the most impressive colors of seasonal flowers.

Bonus track for daring

do And if we break all the rules and mix powerful colors without fear, as if we lived in a Mondrian painting? The results can be so spectacular… But beware, this bet is only for the very daring.

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