The most beautiful dishes from @losplatosdepan that we would all like to have in our kitchenware

Barbara Pan de Soraluce He studied Fine Arts and Restoration but his fondness for paint dishes It came practically by chance, as the best things always happen. And it is that we all start out having a practical tableware, but time (and money) leads us to pay more attention to the small details, how to decorate a nice table when we have guests at home. It all started as a hobby but her daughter, more immersed in the world of social networks, encouraged her to open an account on Instagram and the orders began to rain (in fact now it does not admit any, because it has such excess of demand who can’t take it anymore).

Barbara has a style very personal. His drawings, stamped on different materials, are monochromatic in a range of very personal blues, celadon and grays and the motifs on their plates embody the nature, from animals to small plants (although you can always talk to her, see if you can come to an agreement on why).

Works custom made, so you only have to contact her to reach an agreement as to the motif stamped on all kinds of tableware, not only the plates that give shape to its name: under plates, cups, dishes or even a whole tableware.

All its motifs are painted with pampering and delicacy and as you can see in the following post, the amount of details is spectacular.

Their dishes are so original that it is a shame to use them to eat and they can be used as one more object of decor. This year they have been used to decorate the jewelry Christmas tree Chaumet and it was beautiful:

Without at doubt it is an original gift and very beautiful, both for Christmas and for birthdays or some special event. But you will have to wait, because Barbara has closed her orders (for now).

Take a look at your account Instagram and tell us. How difficult it is to stay with just one! We want them ALL.

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