The most beautiful and versatile piece of furniture from IKEA is this very cheap chest of drawers that you can customize with these DIY tricks that are sweeping Pinterest and Instagram

Buying cheap furniture does not mean that our furniture looks cheap. No, we are not making a pun, we are just giving you the best solutions to get a exclusive decoration with pieces that seem luxury or taken from an antique store when, in fact, they are authentic deco bargains. The secret is to personalize them until they become unique. The ‘ IKEA hack‘ sweep Instagram and Pinterest with their super original ideas to transform tables or shelves in a simple (and very cheap) way. This time we have searched for the best tricks so that one of his best sellers, the hemnes chest of drawers, become the absolute protagonist of your living room, bedroom, hall and even the kitchen. And the results could not be more spectacular and surprising.

The IKEA Hemnes chest of drawers (249 euros) in its original design

Functional, very versatile, with a large storage capacity and a minimalist design but with classic touches, the IKEA Hemnes dresser is not only one of the best-selling pieces of furniture from the low-cost decoration giant, it is also one of the best valued by the clients. And it doesn’t surprise us, because it is a piece of furniture that looks just as good in any room (from the living room to the bedroom, through the kitchen), whatever the style of your home. Available in white or black (although seasonally it comes in other shades such as night blue or red-brown), it costs 249 euros and allows as many customization options as they occur to you

Wood is, without a doubt, the best DIY ally of the white Hemnes chest of drawers, because it provides a very cozy touch, perfect for a cottage-style decoration, one of the trends that rule this season. For this ‘IKEA hack’, as simple as adding a wooden plank to the top or changing the original handles for ones with a wood finish. If you want to go one step further to achieve a spectacular result, copy the trick in the first image and put a laminate with a natural finish on the front of the drawers: no one will believe that it is the same IKEa piece of furniture that you bought for less than 250 euros .

The Hemnes chest of drawers in black exude elegance, and supports endless customization options as well. In this case, we have chosen three very simple transformations, in which you will hardly have to invest time or money: give the original model a more rustic touch by lightly sanding the wood until the natural grain can be seen and then varnishing it with a brush in a matt finish; change the handles for gold ones for a more sophisticated style or add a small strip of LED lights to facilitate its use if you install it, for example, in the dressing room.

The children’s room It is, without a doubt, one of the rooms where the Hemnes chest of drawers comes best thanks to its large storage capacity and, also, its robustness (it can even be used as a changing table). Painting the front of the drawers with chalk paint in the shades that best match the rest of the decoration or changing the handles will be the simplest and cheapest solutions to ‘hack’ this piece of furniture in the child’s bedroom.

Painting the Hemnes chest of drawers is one of the easiest ways to ‘hack’ this piece of furniture (especially if we chose the original model in white), but we loved this way of turning it into a nice and very cheap kitchen island: a wooden countertop and paint to match the rest of your furniture, and that’s it!

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