The most beautiful and original ideas to transform (almost free) the Lack table, Ikea’s best-selling and cheapest, into a luxury occasional piece of furniture

The IKEA bargains they are a classic. The Swedish decoration giant allows us to furnish an entire living room for less than 350 euros, or transform shelves as iconic as the Billy to turn them into luxury pieces for almost free. Thanks to the ‘ IKEA hacks’ that number in the thousands on the Internet, it is possible create unique furniture for very little money. Like, for example, the LACK tableone of the best-selling and cheapest, that with a few modifications and a very small budget, nobody will say that it is an auxiliary piece of furniture of less than 10 euros

IKEA LACK table, the best-selling and cheapest (10 euros) that offers endless possibilities due to its simple and minimalist design. / ikea

Auxiliary tables are one of the most useful, versatile and ornamental pieces of decoration that we can count on. Their multipurpose character makes them invaluable when dressing a living room, a bedroom or even the kitchen. They are used for almost everything and, in addition, they are capable of transforming an entire room by playing with trends, styles, colors and materials. Of course, no matter how cheap we find them, none is as cheap (and allows so many DIY possibilities) as the IKEA LACK. Are here our 10 favorite hacks to convert it in a very simple and original way into a luxury piece of furniture.

The most incredible transformation of a LACK table into a design piece

Nobody will believe that this impressive design table is created with the IKEA LACK table (10 euros, right now, reduced to 7 euros) as a base. Because yes, in this case we will only use the upper board, but even so, it is much cheaper than if we bought it independently. This time we will need some cardboard or PVC tubes about 10 centimeters in diameter and a bit of skill: we will join them together and glue them to the board of our LACK to create the base. Then we will print everything with plaster (for strength) and on the top board we will put sheets of paper pulp or gauze fabric and using the papier-mâché technique we will create an impressively textured surface.

No one will believe this is a LACK table

Think no more about it, no one will ever think that this design table is created from an IKEA LACK table. And, best of all, it is much easier to do than you imagine: you only need plexiglass tinted with a mirror effect and double-sided tape that you will place on the legs and on the top board to fix the five sheets until you create this cube. of design that, in addition to being very ornamental, will reflect the light and make the living room or bedroom appear larger.

An elegant coffee table for 20 euros

The minimalist and simple design of the LACK table is precisely the key to its success. In this ‘hack’ it is enough to join two pieces (without putting the legs that would be in the center), add a small light board in the lower part to be able to have storage and place a vinyl with the design that we want (in this case, the marble effect is great) on top. Et voila!

A table that everyone will believe you bought on an exotic trip

Nobody would say that this Arabic-inspired table is actually the IKEA LACK, and that you bought it in the industrial estate next to your house instead of an unforgettable trip to the heart of Morocco. For the transformation, all you need is a little gold spray paint, some square moldings that we will place between the legs and the tabletop and a few tiles of the colors and design that we want to create a mosaic. If you still want to make the design easier (and cheaper), change the tiles for a vinyl that simulates it.

Antique table looks like, LACK from IKEA is

Metallic finishes and gold in furniture and decorations add a point of opulence and luxury to the rooms of our house. But you don’t have to go through the best antique dealers to find works of art… when you can create them yourself. Choose the LACK table in black, add some tacks around it (make sure they are all symmetrical and at the same distance from each other) and cover the top board with a piece of gold imitation leather with an aged texture. The result could not be more spectacular.

A table that turns into a planter

In this case, the LACK table is transformed into a stylish and highly functional planter. On the one hand, we create space for our favorite plants simply by making a hole in the wood of the top board and placing a pot that will be flush with the surface. Then, we will change the design of the table with a template of our favorite border and the color that best suits the room in which we are going to place it.

Wood finishes for a very warm cottage style

The rustic style, the cottage trend and the Nordic aesthetic take over our living room, making wood the protagonist of the rooms. But there is no need to bet on expensive furniture: a LACK table in white (or black) and overlapping wood coverings on the top (natural, in soft colors, aged effect…) will be enough to transform this auxiliary piece of furniture and turn it into a super low cost protagonist of the stay.

A LACK table transforms (in 5 minutes) into a minimalist shelf

Four LACK tables (in this case in black, but they can be the color or finish you want) stacked (and well fixed to each other) removing one of the legs will create a corner shelf in a minimalist style, very practical and very cheap that you can include in the living room, in the hall, in the bedroom and even in the bathroom.

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