The most beautiful and cheapest melamine tableware to decorate the table with plates that do not break

Setting a beautiful table is an art and a passion. As Beatriz Satrústegui (author of ‘Amor platonico’) told us a few weeks ago, “setting a good table is a reflection of us: you make aesthetic decisions constantly and almost without realizing it, and tell a story, because you try to evoke something, create sensations». We often think that creating that impressive decoration is only possible with delicate tableware, expensive glassware or the luxurious trousseau that our grandmothers received as an inheritance. However, nothing could be further from the truth: an impressive table that leaves your guests open-mouthed can also be achieved with low-cost tableware (there are ideal things at Zara Home or H&M Home) and even with melamine tableware and its unbreakable plates with the trending colors and prints of each season.

Melamine tableware by the piece at El Corte Inglés: large, imitation porcelain (from 5.95 euros per piece); marine-inspired in blue and white tones (from 5.95 euros a piece) and with ethnic prints in red tones (15.95 euros a set of 4 bowls). / The English Court

Because yes, in the art of fine dining there are also fashions and trends, and this season it is time to combine tableware but, in addition, bet on pieces that allow us to create decorations worthy of a Michelin star restaurant for our best recipes without having to worry because the slightest knock will chip off the dishes. The melamine has gained ground in recent years, and far from being the option of campers and Sunday people for their picnics in the mountains or on the beach, it has positioned itself as the best alternative to set incredible, up-to-date and safe tables (child and thumb proof).

Amazon melamine tableware: large, imitation painted porcelain (186 euros for the complete 12-piece tableware); tropical-inspired (14.95 euros per piece) and imitation bamboo (64.95 euros for the complete 12-piece tableware). / amazon

This material, a highly moldable (and non-toxic) plastic resin, can imitate traditional finishes such as earthenware or porcelain, as well as other trendy ones such as slate, bamboo or natural fibers, it can be decorated with colors and patterns trendy and also it’s practically unbreakableIt is not easily scratched or damaged, it is very light, it maintains the heat of food very well and it can be washed in the dishwasher (note, it is not suitable for ovens or microwaves).

Melamine tableware by the piece at El Corte Inglés: large, with a tropical print (from 3.95 euros a piece); Wild-inspired in shades of blue and green (19.95 euros for a set of four plates) and imitation porcelain with bamboo edges (from 4.95 euros a piece). / The English Court

As Beatriz Satrústegui explained to us, a beautiful and well-decorated table «is a tribute to the guest, it is hospitality, it is telling the guest ‘I care about you’, because a good host is generous, and you have to think about the person in front of you. The worst mistake is not trying, not playing and not participating. But why complicate our lives with delicate pieces if we can dressing equally beautiful tables in a much more comfortable and safe way?

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