The most beautiful and cheap furniture, decorations and bedding from IKEA to decorate an entire bedroom for little money

The deco trends of 2022 invite us to create minimalist and warm spaces in which white (in all its variants) and light reign, in which wood and natural materials are the protagonists and which are committed to sustainability. Versatile and functional environments that adapt to our day-to-day needs decorated with the best tricks to visually expand spaces and that, of course, do not force us to have a large budget to transform and embrace the styles that rule this season. But, is it possible to unite all this? We prove it to you when we furnish this entire living room for less than 350 euros, and we have done it again with this very cheap bedroom from IKEA.

This bedding set, with a printed IKEA duvet cover, costs 19 euros. / IKEA

With the nordic minimalism as the predominant style and the purity of the lines as an ally to give a feeling of spaciousness and comfort, we have searched among the novelties (and a few bargains and offers) from IKEA until we found all the pieces with which to create a cozy, warm and comfortable bedroom. a lot of style.

The natural pine wood bed costs 39 euros at IKEA; the white cabinet costs 119 euros and the chest of drawers with three drawers in natural wood, 35 euros. / IKEA

And when we say all the pieces, we mean ALL, because we haven’t left out a single detail. Of course in that budget of 350 euros The bed or the bedside tables are included, but also large pieces of furniture such as the wardrobe or the chest of drawers, in addition to all the details and decorations to add that personal and cozy note in the bedroom: from textiles such as the duvet and bedding, to the curtains or the carpet, in addition to the lamps or a mirror that provides a feeling of spaciousness.

The round paper ceiling lamp costs 6 euros at IKEA; the wooden bedside table with a drawer costs 30 euros and the white bedside lamp costs 6 euros. / IKEA

When choosing colors and materials, white and natural wood They have all the protagonism, since in addition to being the latest, they will allow us to provide warmth while we manage to enhance the luminosity of the room and make it appear larger.

The beige natural fiber rug costs 10 euros at IKEA, the semi-transparent white curtains cost 12 euros, and the wall mirror costs 19 euros. / IKEA

The almost transparent curtains will allow much more natural light to enter and we will have a vision towards the outside that makes the room bigger, like the mirror, which will ‘multiply’ the meters of the bedroom. We add a touch of color with textiles and bedding, the easiest and cheapest way to change the look of the room without spending almost any money.

The IKEA furniture that we have used to decorate a complete bedroom for less than 350 euros

  • Neiden bed in natural pine wood: 39 euros.

  • Kleppstad wardrobe in white: 119 euros.

  • Rast chest of drawers in natural pine wood: 35 euros.

  • Tarva table in natural pine wood: 30 euros (two units, 60 euros).

  • Lärbro wall mirror: 19 euros.

  • Regolit ceiling lamp: 6 euros.

  • Lampan bedside lamp: 6 euros (two units, 12 euros).

  • Typhede rug: 10 euros.

  • Matilda semi-transparent curtains: 12 euros (two units).

  • Printed duvet cover: 19 euros.

  • TOTAL: 331 euros all bedroom furniture, decorations and textiles.

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