The most beautiful and cheap decorations from Primark Home to fill your home with trends for less than 10 euros

Having a magazine house is not expensive. First, because we have the best tricks to make your small apartment look as big as a mansion. Second, because we are experts in finding bargains that look like luxury pieces. And third, because we know how to adapt the deco trends of the season to our real needs. If we put all this together and, by the way, we go low cost shopping at Primark Home, we get a good, nice and cheap shopping like this one that we leave you below.

Color through textiles

Primark Home cushions, available from 4.50 euros. / instagram primark home

Details make the difference in a home and for this, textiles are great allies. Our favourites? The cushionswith which we can dare and play with sizes, styles, fabrics, colors, patterns and textures to put cool trending notes almost without spending money. At Primark Home there are all kinds of them at bargain prices: between 4.50 and 6 euros at Primark Home.

Ornaments that look like works of art

These original vases and ornaments from Primark Home cost 7 euros each. / instagram primark home

Pieces that seem to be taken from a luxury store or an antique dealer, but that are very cheap? Of course. The low cost has put the batteries with the design and, beyond basic and functional proposals, it has created entire lines of decorations that none of your friends will believe that you have bought at a bargain price. The best example are these sculptures, vases, or super original lamps that we have found in Primark Home for 6 and 7 euros.

Decoration with artificial plants

At Primark Home we find artificial plants, with pots included, for 7 euros, and bouquets of artificial flowers for 1 euros. / instagram primark home

Plants bring freshness, light and warmth to the different environments of your home. In addition, they are perfect for visually expanding spaces. Of course, although there are some varieties that are very easy to care for, not all of us have the time or good skills to give them the treatment they deserve. For this reason, artificial plants and flowers (which can be found at Primark from 1 euro) are our best alternative to decorate and make beautiful without complications.

home scent

Scented candles and essence sticks from Primark Home, between 0.80 and 3.50 euros. / instagram primark home

There are little details that transform a house into a home. The photos that adorn special corners, that family memory that occupies a prominent place, that color that everyone associates with you… and that smell that makes you feel at home. To achieve this, aromatic candles and essences are key, and at Primark Home, in addition to delicious aromas, they have beautiful designs that make them just another ornamental element (with prices ranging from 0.80 to 3.50 euros).

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