The minimalist decor of this stunning house in the Hamptons is all you need to copy to dream of a winter at the beach

If a few days ago we proposed to you to copy the decoration of this impressive country house in French Normandy, today we crossed the pond and, in a 180 ° style turn, we traveled to the Hamptons, the exclusive vacation destination of the richest in the state from New York, to fall in love with Houzz’s hand of the minimalist and ultra-chic style of the mansion overlooking the sea where we would spend our particular winter on the beach.

White, wood and natural materials are the absolute protagonists of this imposing house, and the large windows and its outward vocation create an environment in which light plays a fundamental role, penetrating every corner and making rooms even larger. The open concept spacesIn addition, they help to multiply that feeling of spaciousness and warmth that is breathed throughout the property.

As reported from Houzz, the owners of this mansion (a British family that vacation in the Hamptons) wanted an industrial-inspired floor, so “when choosing a ‘cold’ material for the floor, it was almost essential to use warm materials for the floor. rest of the space. On the roof some boards were installed oak wood recycled white «, becoming the material that works as common thread throughout the house, both in the custom-made furniture and in the details “Creating a sense of cohesion throughout the home”. In addition, decorative elements such as table lamps with straw shades or elements in jute, rattan and bamboo have been used, in a game of natural textures that also adds a beachy touch.

With that white and wood as bases, and following the 60-30-10 color combination rule, the most striking tones are introduced through small details: some yellow cushions on the dining room chairs, an island with pale blue stools, the dusty pink of the bedroom textiles, or navy in the living room and children’s bedrooms.

To gain space in the bedrooms and increase their capacity and storage (yes, the house has almost 170 m2, we told you that size did not matter), it has opted for functional and versatile furniture, as well as bunk beds and sofa beds. “In many ways, we had to design this house as if it were a boat, taking advantage of every corner with shelves or benches, like the one by the window,” says Jessica Gething, the interior designer in charge of this project, on Houzz.

With an impressive private terrace with views, in the main room, also with a minimalist aesthetic, light tones predominate, although as the designer points out, “the idea was to achieve a simple room with a fresh yet sophisticated style. We focus on textures rather than colors. “

Finally, we make a stop at the ‘jewel in the crown’ of this mansion in the Hamptons: the imposing terrace. “The most special thing about this place are the views of the sea and the bay and that is why we designed large windows and doors,” says the interior designer, in addition to giving great prominence to this area, in which we find an outdoor dining room, a sofas and a great barbecue. The deco trick we need to copy? The steel cable railing that does not obstruct the views at any point.

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