The mind can heal the body: scientists explain how it happens

Science, in recent years, has proven what ancient wisdom always held: the thoughts and beliefs of each human being affect their body. In addition to considering stress as a determinant of health, several scientists believe that positive thinking can activate healing processes in the body.

Scientific journalist Joe Marchant, in her new book Cure, exposes various scientific studies and shares the experience of many people who have been healed through the power of thoughts. For example, there is evidence that hypnosis is highly effective in healing irritable bowel syndrome, as well as that virtual reality can decrease pain in patients with severe burns.

Other studies relate the length of the telomeres (the ends of the chromosomes) with the perceived stress in the patient and other evidence refers to the placebo pills, which are taken knowing that they are not a medicine and still work.

The mind is intertwined with the bodysays Marchant. "Researchers have found that positive beliefs don't just work by relieving stress. They also make us feel safe and sound or believe that things will work out positively. This seems to help the body to preserve and repair itself ”, he explains in his book.

"Optimism seems to reduce the inflammatory levels produced by hormones like cortisol. It also appears to reduce disease susceptibility by reducing the activity of the sympathetic nervous system and stimulating the parasympathetic, "he adds.

Based on this, Marchant maintains that thought has a modulating function of the immune system and that the body's defense system does not work automatically but is sensitive to one's perception of the world.

A distorted perception can cause an extreme reaction in the body. In turn, positive beliefs are those that can help human beings improve their perception of the world and promote healthier states.

Given this information, the beginnings of a paradigm shift They are already beginning to emerge, although the pressure of modern medicine and large pharmaceutical companies may be difficult to overcome. However, the scientist considers that the data shows that, in the case of some medical conditions, there are already less expensive and problematic treatment methods, with fewer side effects and risks of addiction and that are based on this principle of body-mind healing .

As a reader, you can experience this conception by watching yourself closely:

– How does your mood and environmental stimuli affect your body?

– Do you notice physical changes when choosing positive beliefs that you can hold over time?

– Do you think you can be responsible for transforming disease into health?