The milkshake & # 039; detox & # 039; by Paula Echevarría to fight swelling

There is nothing better than a good milkshake 'detox' after a few days in the mood for parties, 'picaetas' and, above all, croquettes tops. The actress has thought the same Paula Echevarría that in addition to giving us infinite inspiration with their day-to-day looks, shows us, through social networks, their secrets to get a body 10.

He already did when he shared that one of the essential parts of his breakfast were ginger shots. Now, and to mitigate the excesses of Halloween, the 'it girl' has shown us in a story the recipe for her breakfast: a combination of fruits and vegetables that in addition to detoxifying, fight belly swelling. A magical concoction that we should all do on Saturday mornings.

Video:What are the best detox foods? Instagram by Paula Echevarría

Which is the recipe? Pineapple, apple, kiwi, celery, cucumber, pear, canons, lime and lemon. A whole 'boost' of energy for the body and with fruits and vegetables.

Pineapple and cucumber make diuretic functions so they are the perfect allies for fluid retention, celery has a great satiating power and many vitamins. The best? It is almost all water, it has almost no calories. Pear and kiwi bring the sweet touch, while lemon juice works as an antioxidant, diuretic and contains more vitamin C than an orange; a shot of vitamins in glass that we should incorporate into our routine sooner rather than later.

The icing on the combination? A piece of ginger, which has slimming properties as it fights against fat deposits and fights viruses, so now that winter is coming, there can be no better preventor of colds.

We already have breakfast for tomorrow!

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