The Mediterranean diet, the solution for anxiety and depression

It has always been said that eating better makes you feel better both physically and mentally. But… How far does that effect go when we talk about mental health? Can what we eat really change what we feel? That is what a recent study has raised that has ruled out the relationship between eating healthy and the symptoms of depression.

In this study, published in PLOS One, the researchers asked more than 100 students with symptoms of depression and unhealthy diets that will rate their symptoms from 1 to 10: anxiety, mood swings and self-confidence. After this, the students separated into two groups. One continued eating in the same way, and the other, began to eat healthy. Both remained equally exposed to external stimuli.

After three weeks following this pattern, it was discovered that those students who had followed a Mediterranean diet, that is, those who ate healthy had decreased their score in the aforementioned categories before beginning the study.

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The data showed a great improvement in the students who in addition to eating healthy, ate little or no processing. Although these results are not definitive, it is true that a Healthy diet improves both physical and mental health.

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