The latest fashion of the influencers: & # 039; selfies & # 039; bathing in a contaminated Galician mine

Some influencers are willing to do anything to increase their number of followers. It does not matter that to get it they have to risk your own health: the important thing is to be able to count more and more followers on social networks. And that maxim has been checked again in recent days in our country.

Mount Neme is an old wolfram mine located in the Coruña region of O Carballo. There is formed a natural pool of a turquoise blue color that many compare to the Caribbean, but without leaving Galicia. The problem is that that color comes from the contamination of the place and bathing in those waters is very dangerous.

But the instagramers who are looking for the perfect photo have found this place and now procession to this old mine to get the perfect photo. The problem is that the bath in these waters causes allergic reactions, hives on the skin, vomiting, diarrhea and, even, fever. But the important thing is to get the image that you have to upload to social networks.

Manuel Ferreiro, deputy physician of the emergency service of the Hospital Universitario Complexo A Coruña, assures the COPE chain that "if we bathe on time, the most likely are eye and irritation problems, irritation of the ocular mucous membranes and skin irritations. prolonged and we ingest some water, mainly digestive disorders, vomiting and later diarrhea. If it is a short bath it would not be serious. The problem of these rafts is the filtration of these heavy metals into groundwater and that this reaches a consumption of the inhabitants of the area in water. "

But these dangers are not an obstacle for Galician influencers and those from other parts of the country to decide to take a dip in these waters. Some of them complain in social networks that "there was not a poster or anything. Two weeks with an allergic reaction ", while others simply confess that their ills" have been worth it ". Live to see.