The last idea not to use the horn in the car: & # 039; fine you & # 039; with eternal traffic lights

Noise pollution is possibly one of the most harmful activities for humans. The excessive noise what we have to face each day can generate negative effects on our physical and mental health being, in many cases, avoidable. The inconvenience generated by industries, airplanes or ships can be very harmful, but there is one that we cause and that we could avoid in the vast majority of cases: car horn.

It is quite common to find ourselves in a traffic jam and suddenly hear how a true serenade of horns. All cars are stopped for something that happens later, in many cases even far from our sight, but a driver starts to beep at the impatience of not being able to move on the road. That user is followed by a second, a third and, in a few seconds, the number of 'nervous' behind the wheel has multiplied. Does it sound to you?

This situation is increasingly common in cities with more traffic jams in the world, which causes noise levels that are often difficult to assume. Therefore, some countries have decided to take a series of measures with the aim of addressing this problem: from prohibitions to fines to drivers, but in many cases they do not end up being a real solution … India has invented a new – and controversial – system: force you to waste time.

Bombay can 'boast' of being one of the five cities with the most traffic jams in the world and, therefore, one of the noisiest on the planet. Therefore, the police have decided to implement a new initiative: The more noise there is, the longer the traffic lights will last. Or, put another way, if drivers lose patience while they wait for the green light to resume, the red color will last much longer. The horn is the key.

And they have decided to change all traffic lights in the city for others that have decibel meters. If the noise in the street exceeds the limit of 85 db, the traffic light automatically restarts and the countdown begins again: "The more you blow the horn, the more you'll have to wait. Feel free to play the dick if you don't mind waiting", is the motto of the campaign with which they have launched this initiative to curb noise pollution.

However, not everyone has taken it well. An important number of Indian drivers has protested the lack of information about it, which has caused despair to lead them to sound the horn much more regularly, without being aware that they are actually causing more jamming with this decision. They consider that there has been a important misinformation about it and that the new initiative has not been well communicated.

It has only been going on for a few weeks, so it is not yet known how successful this campaign has been to end noise pollution, but the truth is that it has the prospects of moving forward in the coming months. The intention is to get local drivers to end the indiscriminate use of the horn: Will it be exported to other countries in the coming years? The success or failure of this new measure will be what determines it.