The last deco bargain that does not stop running out is this extremely cheap folding table with which your kitchen will seem bigger

Neither at Primark Home, nor at IKEA, nor at Zara Home: we have found the latest viral deco success at Lidl, how do you stay? And it is that, in our incessant search for solutions to make the rooms of our home seem larger, we have found the key to a comfortable, spacious and functional kitchen in this extendable table that meets the three B’s: it’s good, pretty, and also (very) cheap.

Very recently we told you that one of the most useful tricks to make the rooms in our house look bigger is to play with versatile furniture that fulfills several functions at the same time and is extensible. In this way, we will only assemble them when strictly necessary and, the rest of the time, they can be folded, taking up much less space and, therefore, leaving more free space and creating a greater sense of spaciousness in the room.

Many families make the kitchen the center of the home: it is a meeting place, meals, talks and even a work area for young and old. Therefore, having a table where you can eat, but also doing all those ‘extra’ tasks seems almost essential. The problem? That many of our kitchens are not the right size … or we do not have it well used.

Lidl’s folding table costs 119.99 euros / lidl

Therefore, in addition to order, key to making this area of ​​the house look bigger (in addition to helping to lose weight, as you read), a multifunction furniture like the one we have found in Lidl (119.99 euros) will be a perfect solution to get the most out of smaller kitchens. Extended, we get a white lacquered wooden table measuring a meter and a half by 80 centimeters, a perfect solution to accommodate between 4 and 6 people, while when folded, it is reduced to a small piece of furniture 74 centimeters high by 30 wide that can work as a shelf and that, in addition, incorporates four drawers in which to store cutlery, kitchenware, tablecloths and other utensils.

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