The keys to industrial-style decoration to set up a beautiful New York loft in your affordable and very easy living room

The industrial style It has its origin in the 1950s in New York, at that time when the city experienced the transfer of industry to the outskirts. This industrial migration left behind a multitude of ships and warehouses voids that were occupied by young people who transformed them into housing, thus creating their own style. Thus were born loftsdiaphanous places, with large windows, very high ceilings, concrete floors, exposed brick walls, iron beams… But you don’t have to live in an old warehouse to be able to adapt the industrial style to your home: rough wood and metal furniture, pieces with an aged look, exposed beams, retro details… your small apartment in the center of the city can have the same appearance as an abandoned industrial warehouse in the middle of the city. Manhattanand decoration stores such as Maisons du Monde they can help you get it. These are the keys of industrial design, in case you want to replicate it at home:

Diaphanous and bare spaces

The ideal would be to live in a loft, at street level, enormous, with windows tremendous and separate the spaces by screens or similar. But if this is not your case, choose to try to eliminate most of the walls of your house or separate the spaces by glass panels with black iron frames, for example. Another essential characteristic of the industrial style is the bare architecture of the space: brick walls, exposed pipes, ceiling beams, iron or concrete columns…

natural wood

Wood is a fundamental material of the industrial style, but without too much preparation. Neither stripped, nor varnishes nor lacquered, the more imperfections have, better, and if they have details and finishes in iron or leather, you have a perfect industrial piece of furniture. At Maisons du Monde we have found the Colorado low tablemade of solid mango and aged metal (549 euros).

Other materials

Concrete, iron, leather, untreated wood… in the industrial style all the usual materials of the factory buildings. Although steel originally had no place in this style, today it can be seen in kitchen furniture, appliances and even shelves. what about the Miramare ceiling lamp made with golden metal leaves? (299 euros).

Reuse of furniture and spaces

Let us remember that this decorative style was born when a group of young people occupied industrial spaces with many ideas and little money, so the reuse of furniture is the order of the day. Pallets converted into coffee tables, old craft furniture, wooden boxes as coffee tables… The paradox is to achieve more modern environments with recovered pieces or vintage.

large windows

Today they want to sneak us low without light like an industrial style loft but don’t be fooled. If the industrial style is characterized by something, it is by the large windows, many times from floor to ceiling, through which light pours into the room. And the ideal is that the window frames are of aged iron and black, if possible.


In an industrial style house they can live together rustic-style furniture with a large metal lamp with an industrial air and vintage chairs. As long as the result is harmoniousthere are no rules.


White, gray and above all, black. Not everything has to be this color, because you would eat all the light in the room, but you should use it as a color of contrast.

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