The Japanese method to have a perfect body in 3 minutes

Does it cost you to lose weight, even if you do exercise often and watch your diet? Do you suffer from muscle and joint pain or do you feel bloated? Yoko Mizoguchi, ex-dancer and famous Japanese Pilates teacher, brings you the solution.

In the book 'A perfect body in 3 minutes' (Kitsine) you will find a revolutionary Exercise program With which you will unlock the joints, you will end the discomfort caused by muscle stiffness and you will achieve a slim figure with only three minutes of exercise a day. Thanks to Yoko, also known as Hako and nicknamed "the queen of body fit", you will forget about muscle aches, regain natural mobility and show the world the best version of yourself.

When she began to practice classical ballet, Mizoguchi discovered with admiration that the movements of the western dancers were flexible and elegant and that, in addition, they had long, slender and straight legs, things that she lacked. During his search for the correct posture and the perfect movements, the STUDiO PiVOT clinic discovered, which promised flexibility and an improvement in body posture, with just a few small movements. There, he specialized in his AWARENESS ANATOMY program, which focuses on listening to the body and understanding its needs.

Yoko applied this theory to her yoga, pilates and ballet and shaped his method of body readjustment: simple and quick exercises, less than 30 seconds each, that unlock the hip and pelvic joints and readjust the body so that you regain flexibility and be able to perform elegant and natural. The effects are immediately noticeable on the body and face and can be practiced by anyone regardless of gender, weight or age. What are you waiting for?

A different method

Although there are many methods to correct poor posture caused by pelvic tilt, such as physical therapy, the method of body adjustment It is based on loosening the body and then readjusting it. Eliminates muscle tension and reduces the difference between both sides of the body, in order to correct posture. This will also help you balance the nervous system, which is very important for the correct regularization of motor function. Exercises not only help relax muscles and activate metabolism, but also eliminate waste.

Did you know…?

  • Because of the tension, our bodies seem to be covered in armor to be discarded.
  • Stretching the shoulder joints helps to obtain a beautiful posture and produces a lifting effect.

  • The key to a good figure is the pelvis.

  • Correct posture helps decrease muscle and joint pain.

  • A wrong shoe size prevents you from gaining flexibility.

Achieve your goals with the body readjustment method

• It is a simple exercise program.

• Each exercise lasts less than 30 seconds.

• You can do them anywhere.

• The movements are pleasant.

• You will notice immediate physical changes.

• It will also provide a lifting effect on your face.

• No effort required.

Identify your 'armor' and get rid of it

exist four different body types (or Armor) – Rusty Armor, Chunky Armor, Stylized Armor, and Invisible Armor. Some people can identify with several types at the same time, but, although they belong to the same group, each one is different and their body is marked by the lifestyle they lead. Even so, whatever your type of armor, thanks to Yoko Mizoguchi's body adjustment method, you will make it disappear in a very short time and give way to the flexible, slender and healthy body you want to achieve. Which is yours?

Illustration: 'A perfect body in 3 minutes'
Illustration: 'A perfect body in 3 minutes'

Five steps to transform your body

The method created by Yoko Mizoguchi focuses on five elementary parts of the body: the pelvis and hips, shoulders, shoulder blades, buttocks and ankles. By loosening these parts of the body, you will achieve a slim and elegant figure as well as flexible. You will stop forcing your body and, unconsciously, you will adopt a natural posture.