The infusion that speeds up metabolism to help you burn fat while you sleep

We always say it but we never get tired of repeating it (especially so that no one can brand us as liars): only with one infusion you are not going to lose weight, but if you combine them with a healthy diet and regular practice of exercise, the benefits are increased. We have already told you about other drinks that help you lose weight, such as the infusion of horse tail; the birch tea, which also helps fight cellulite; wave fennel infusion, which you can not only make at home, but is also in Mercadona. Today we want to talk to you about honey cinnamon teawhich helps speed up the metabolismin addition to other health benefits.

Why does cinnamon tea with honey help you lose weight?

According to a study by Saveetha University in India, cinnamon has the ability to analyze the metabolism, which promotes fat burning. It has a heat-generating effect on the body, and affects the adipose tissues most important such as those located in the neck and abdomen. But it is not its only benefit when it comes to losing weight, since it reduces the level of blood sugar, which improves vascular circulation and cellular oxygenation. This keeps diseases such as obesity or diabetes.

The honey It is a wonderful substitute for refined sugar, since it is better for your health, but if you are looking to lose weight, you should be careful with its consumption. Why? because the amount of calories It is practically the same as in the case of sugar.

To take advantage of your benefits for slim downthe ideal is to have a cup of tea with cinnamon and honey just before you go to sleep or half an hour before breakfast.

Other benefits of cinnamon and honey infusion

Honey is an excellent agent antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and antibacterialso it can help you strengthen your immune system in flu or catarrhal processes.

Cinnamon, for its part, also has anti-inflammatory properties, but it also helps regulate the digestion and prevents the aging premature, delaying the appearance of wrinkles and expression lines.

How to prepare cinnamon and honey tea?

You can make it at home easily and with ingredients that we all generally have in our pantry.


– 3.5 grams from cinnamon powdered

– 1 teaspoon of honey of bees

– A cup of Water hot (250 ml).

– Juice of lemon (optional).


– Heat the water, trying not to reach the point of boiling.

– Then add the cinnamon and honey.

remove well so that the ingredients are mixed and the honey is diluted and… voila!

– If you want, you can add some lemon drops in case you like acid flavors.

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