The Indiana diet, the latest (and crazy) eating plan that triumphs among celebrities and online

It is presented as the purpose of the new course in the networks to lose weight, but the Indiana diet it is far from being the perfect meal plan to get rid of summer excesses. Its results have made social networks fall in love, but any nutritionist would throw their hands at their heads as soon as they read what it consists of. Promises to make you lose 1kg a day for seven days If you follow her at face value, but more than a meal plan it seems like a punishment from God … look, look.


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It is a diet that, in addition to promising obvious weight loss, is sure to eliminate toxins and fight flaccidity, but … achieving all this in a week, according to anyone, is not a very simple task. It is based on the consumption of fruits and vegetables to take full advantage of its properties. Alcohol, from a week before starting the diet, is prohibited and the recommended number of glasses of water per day is between 10 and 15 in order to combat fluid retention. You cannot consume tea, coffee, juices or any other type of drink or soft drink. However, if you miss your morning coffee a lot you can make an exception, yes, without sugar and without milk.

Light or moderate exercise is essential during this week, but with control since by radically lowering your calorie intake (you will hardly reach 800) you may feel more tired. Vegetables will be the protagonists of your dishes, yes, without dressing with any type of oil. Salads can be seasoned with lemon juice or wine vinegar, but no EVOO (as Carlos Ríos read this …) since it has fats (which are beneficial, yes, but fats after all).

Besides, the Indiana diet has a schedule: six meals a day will be eaten. The first at 8:30 in the morning. They will have a snack twice and dinner cannot be later than 8pm so that the disgestion is done before we go to sleep. The first day you are only allowed to eat fruit, the second you add fat but in a moderate way with a tablespoon of butter for breakfast and vegetables. Until the end of the week you will not be able to consume protein as such and in very small quantities. On the fourth day you can have two glasses of milk, one in the morning and one in the afternoon: and chicken, rice or eggs will be allowed for the last two days, but always putting fruits and vegetables first.

In short, a week full of nutritional shortages, which will surely have a great rebound effect the following week.

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