The incredible physical and mental transformation of the Real Madrid striker: Karim Benzema

Benzema is a scorer who became undisputed for his dedication. How does it stay current with 34 years?

Last update: 10 March, 2022

To be a scorer among the best players in the world you have to make some adjustments that require effort and dedication. Especially after the age of 30. Karim Benzema went through a physical and mental transformation that shows that changes are possible.

French of Algerian descent, this athlete seems not to end its validity. In December 2021 he turned 34 and is Real Madrid’s undisputed scorer. How does he keep up with that performance?

Benzema’s physical and mental transformation began 5 years ago, when he set out to be in the world football elite. And it is clear that his goal is the Ballon d’Or. Let’s review, then, the keys to his preparation.

Gym and kickboxing

Karim Benzema has an equipped gym in his home. In this way, when the regulated training sessions with Real Madrid end, the Frenchman continues with specific routines that strengthen useful muscle areas for the sport he practices.

Without falling into overload due to excessive training, and well advised by exercise professionals, the star intends to maintain the tone of his muscle mass. This becomes key with the passage of age to continue performing on a par with younger footballers.

Per se, gym work is not focused on hypertrophy. That is to say, a bulky body is not sought, which would mean greater weight to run. On the contrary, the ideal for power and speed is to have muscles that are not huge, but functional.

To this contributes the kick boxing. This discipline that combines martial arts with cardiovascular exercise improves Benzema’s toning. The fibers become more efficient for what they have to do, since the training involves explosive and repetitive movements.

Calorie burning is not less with the kick boxing. The sessions are capable of raising cardiac output and increasing metabolism in conspicuous quantities. Along with the proper diet, the ratio of fat can be reduced in favor of muscle.

All training related to boxing and martial arts are capable of toning the muscles and accelerating fat burning.

Alternative therapies

Karim Benzema’s physical and mental transformation has included alternative therapies since approximately 2019. Among them, the cupping therapy It has been the most commented, since the same player spreads it on his social networks.

The truth is This technique does not have all the scientific backing attributed to it. and in the context of sport it has not shown any noticeable benefit. Despite this, athletes of the stature of Neymar Jr. and Michael Phelps are adept at it.

The process is supposedly used to reduce pain caused by physical exertion and accelerate muscle recovery. To do this, suction cups or glasses on the surface of the body. These create a vacuum that sucks the skin, leaving characteristic marks. Sometimes heat is used and sometimes not.

Along with the suction cups, Benzema has spread that the electrostimulation vest is frequently placed. Also know as bolt methodas the famous Jamaican runner popularized it, consists of a variant of the electrofitness.

The vest electrically stimulates the parts it comes into contact with. In this way, the muscles contract and stop contracting in a rhythmic way, as if large areas of the body were being trained at the same time and with the possibility of recruiting fibers that might otherwise be forgotten.

As with cupping therapy, electrostimulation does not have accurate and scientific data in its favor. According to the Andalusian Journal of Sports Medicine, there are not enough elements to recommend this alternative technique. At the same time, the possible risks do not justify its massive use.


Within Benzema’s transformation, the diet was coupled with his new lifestyle. of course the same is designed by professionals to reduce fat gain and enhance muscle vitality.

However, an interesting fact comes from the Frenchman’s consumption of microalgae. It is assumed that the Real Madrid medical staff has recommended it, since they carry out DNA studies on their players to adapt the dietary guidelines to certain genetic parameters. That is to say, they think of a food for each cellular composition of their players.

Microalgae are part of the marine phytoplankton. Spirulina, perhaps, is the best known representative of this group worldwide. It is used by vegans and is even hypothesized with its potential to reduce environmental damage.

And the latter is also related to its possible beneficial effects on human health. Well, microalgae could provide antioxidants and specific substances for detoxification. In other words, to join toxic waste (from the environment and from within the body), in a way that facilitates its elimination.

Also of marine origin, fish play a predominant role in Karim Benzema’s diet. In addition to being a source of healthy fatty acids, these products provide proteins that the muscles need to repair themselves and maintain their texture.

Microalgae are also marketed in the form of powders that are supplements to be added to food or drinks.

Spirituality in the transformation of Benzema

Karim Benzema’s Algerian family is a practicing Muslim and passed it on to his son. In fact, the soccer player respected Ramadan until he had to suspend that monthly fast in order to continue with his training and diet plan.

But this did not mean a departure from his religiosity. He has been seen wearing headphones before games to listen to recorded surahs from the Koran.

This aspect is not minor in the context of physical performance. The connection between mind, body and soul works as an axis that enhances certain abilities and skills. This is confirmed by an analysis by Watson and Nesti, who emphasize that spirituality is another key element in sport psychology.

For Karim Benzema it does not seem like a novelty. His physical and mental transformation has a lot of goals and conviction. The changes that he applied to be the best in his area were not easy and we can assume that religiosity contributed to sustaining him resilient and optimistic.

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