The incredible benefits of savory that you still don't know

In Mediterranean cuisine, spices and aromatic plants are widely used to enhance the flavor and give the dishes a special touch in addition to being a healthy alternative to salt. One of these plants is the savory that has been used since ancient times as a condiment to flavor stews, soups etc … Appreciated both for its aroma and for its healthy properties. Take note of the medicinal uses of this unique aromatic plant.


What is savory?

Savory is an aromatic plant found in full autumn as it begins to bloom at the end of summer. It reaches up to 40 cm high, its leaves are rounded and covered with a kind of villi and its flowers are white. Savory essential oil is rich in carvacrol, thymol and limonene, it also has phenolic acids and tannins.

It brings an intense and spicy flavor to the dishes, although it loses a lot of flavor with cooking. Perfectly accompanies legumes and red meat, including birds such as chicken and turkey and its medicinal use has traditionally been linked to treating impotence problems and as an aphrodisiac food.

Medicinal use of savory

In addition to being a culinary star, savory is an aromatic plant that has many medicinal uses but be careful if you are pregnant! Its use is not recommended if you are in a state of good hope (or breastfeeding) like any other essential oil.


It has antiseptic, antiviral and antibacterial properties so, whether you are wishing to get rid of that inconvenient cold or if you are interested in dodging the autumn colds, savory is a very good option for it. Accelerates recovery in case of bronchial disease, helps mitigate cough and improves asthma, acts almost like a medicine but natural.

It promotes digestion and helps eliminate bloating, gas and diarrhea episodes. It is also an excellent remedy in case of skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis or dermatitisIt is indicated in cases of rheumatism, treats cold sores and fights lack of appetite and anemia. Savory is an off-road plant!

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How to use savory

You have already seen that it is a natural closet bottom remedy but it is also that you will also be able to use it in cooking. In addition to the culinary uses of aromatic herbs, you will also be able to take it in infusions, alone or in combination to enhance its effects depending on the condition or problem to be treated. If you have digestive problems you can take an infusion of savory in small sips maybe combined with chamomile for example, or combine savory with dandelion and horsetail in the case of fluid retention.


In the case of skin disorders you can add to the bath water infusion of savory to relieve and soften the skin problems, or apply the infusion in compresses both to treat the affected skin area as in case of rheumatism or even to help heal wounds.


Too you can apply savory essential oil on the skin diluted in a vegetable based oil such as sweet almond oil or jojoba oil, to combat skin problems, herpes or to benefit from its properties in its use as aromatherapy. As you will see, nature is wise and gives us plants that have such extraordinary uses as savory. Need more reasons to encourage yourself to try it?

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