The importance of water for the proper functioning of the human body

The> It is an essential element to keep you healthy because, in addition to cleaning the body and eliminating toxins, it is an effective vehicle for transporting the vitamins and mineral salts that our cells need.

However, most modern societies do not insist on the importance of drinking water, the main "nutrient" among nutrients.

Whole sectors of the population substitute the recommended daily intake of water for tea, coffee and other beverages prepared as juices or sodas, without being aware that:

– Beverages containing caffeine, for example, trigger stress responses with diuretic effects that increase urination.

– Sugary drinks cause a considerable increase in blood sugar level.

The body's natural feeling of thirst is a clear sign that it needs simple and pure water. Not maintaining quality hydration undermines all of our cellular activities, whether they are skin, stomach, liver, kidney, heart or brain cells.

the 5 benefits of drinking quality water

Being aware of the importance of maintaining good hydration habits, the next challenge is to find quality water, to improve health. Although tap water looks crystal clear, it may contain substances that are imperceptible to the human eye, which can be harmful to people.

Then, Pure a certified company B, dedicated to the treatment and purification of water, shares us 5 benefits of drinking quality water:

1. Improves digestion

A good hydration favors the secretion of gastric juices that favors a better digestion of food in the stomach.

2. Regulates body temperature

It acts as a "refrigerant" for the human body in the face of sudden changes in temperature.

3. Nutrient transport

Water has the ability to absorb some minerals and transport them throughout the body, helping to eliminate waste from them.

4. Helps control body weight

Unlike other artificial drinks, the water is 100% calorie and sugar free.

5. Improves physical performance

Hydrate before, during and after physical activity, it has been shown that muscle performance decreases due to lack of water, causing fatigue and increased frequency of cramps.

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