The ideal training to get a & # 039; six pack & # 039; in 10 weeks

When he woke up, the dinosaur was still there, and when Stephen Boylan got up after a birthday party, in full hangover, I was on a yacht. Nothing too weird for this 32 year old player who lives in New Zealand, which for almost his entire life was in good shape until a surfing accident left him with a vertebra out of combat and that kept him away from the gym.

As it is quite common, this temporary casualty in the sports world decided to combine it with some unhealthy eating habits and, as if by magic, four months later "I had the body of a father," he explains in the men's magazine 'Men's Health'. "It weighed 80 kilos but almost everything was body fat, he was also unable to train and had lost a lot of muscle. "

Get going

When he woke up on that yacht for his birthday, he was not at all happy with his appearance. No one could say that I was fat, far from it, but I wanted to get fit. "I began to follow a plan that was feasible. I found one with which you had to lift weights three times a week, and I was used to do twice that"he says." I stayed with three full-body workouts a week, plus two fasting cardio sessions. Rowing was my cardio option at the moment, and even at home I could do squats and weights, I also had a pull-up bar, so it didn't cost me any effort, "he says.

Squats are always a great option to lose weight. They aim to develop agility and physical strength, being able to have complete control of the body when moving, but the most important thing is to do them correctly, as the coach insists Jim White: "It is a very complete exercise, because you stimulate the cardiovascular system, which helps to burn more fat." The weights, on the other hand, can also be used in endless exercises, although if it is the first time you use them it is best to start with small doses of five or ten minutes and then add more. The kettlebell, for example, can help you educate buttocks and legs in many different ways.

But exercise is worth nothing without good nutrition. It is known how important it is weight loss diet. Therefore, the athlete decided to eliminate caffeine and alcohol. This can be a challenge for many, no doubt, but it could have surprising results not only on the organism, but on the mood. Although coffee does not have many calories, many people do not conceive it without a splash of milk and several tablespoons of sugar, and on more than one occasion it has been related to heart disease, arrhythmia or tachycardia. Alcohol, meanwhile, is never beneficial to health, and also makes you fat. The explanation is simple: it interrupts the oxidation of fats and carbohydrates, producing that instead of burning them we store them.

Squats are always a very complete exercise, because you stimulate the cardiovascular system, which helps to burn more fat

In addition, he adopted a meal plan based on four meals a day that They contain many vegetables, fruits, proteins and carbohydrates. "With the latter was when I began to really notice the difference, I dropped to ten kilos and the percentage of body fat was reduced by half," he says. "To be honest, it seems little to me, I'm trying to gain more muscle mass".

He knows perfectly well that muscle mass helps speed up the metabolism. As i counted Nancy Farrell in 'Health': "Metabolism is the process your body carries out to convert the food it consumes into the energy it needs, and it is possible to speed it up. Muscle is more metabolically active. The more muscle you have, the more calories you will burn, even if Many people make the mistake of focusing solely on doing cardio, must be combined strongly. "

Alcohol makes you fat because it interrupts the oxidation of fats and carbohydrates, producing that instead of burning them, we store them

The experience helped Stephen understand the importance of diet, including portion control and feeding. "If you go to a nutritionist you have to eat exactly what he tells you. Once you get the results you can loosen up a bit and even give yourself a whim. My colleagues, for example, used to make fun of me because they said they just I ate spinach and hard boiled eggs, but they could not argue with the results, "he says. In addition, it also seems very important to point out their progress in order to establish changes and goals." This way I stay motivated, "he explains.

Now he is looking to further increase his muscle mass and volume. In addition, he shares his time playing sports and studying to one day become a yacht captain. "My only advice is that losing weight is available to anyone, you just need a little inspiration and be willing to fight for change. If you're going to do it, stay true to yourself. You are the first person responsible for the change, "he concludes.