The hitherto unknown positive effect of eating a lot of avocados

If there is a group of products that are always included in any healthy diet aimed at losing weight, that is the so-called superfoods. It is about those who stand out for its great nutritional potential as it is rich in vitamins, healthy fats and antioxidants. Among them stands out avocado, fruit of the avocado tree, which is loaded with healthy monounsaturated fats, like olive oil, being one of the main food options when it comes to losing weight.

In recent years, vegetarian eating models have acquired a great weight in the Spanish population, hence the avocado is also a product that cannot be lacking in the fridge of the most 'veggies'. The greenish texture of its meat makes it the perfect alternative to margarine or butter, working as a kind of tasty and healthy vegetable butter.

By adding oleic acid 'in vitro', T cell levels skyrocketed and suppressed some of the symptoms associated with multiple sclerosis

As if that were not enough, scientists have discovered in recent months an extra benefit of avocado which until then seemed to be overlooked. A new study published in 'The Journal of Clinical Investigation' earlier this year led by researchers from the Yale School of Medicine revealed that diets rich in oleic acid (which is also present in olives, walnuts or cheese in addition to the avocado) can help combat the degenerative effects of multiple sclerosis.

In vitro tests

According to the researchers, the key seems to be in the T cells, which are one of those responsible for regulating the immune system. When these are inactive, multiple sclerosis damages the brain and spinal cord of the patient. Instead, if the body has sufficient levels of oleic acid, present in avocado, These T cells are activated preventing the immune system from attacking these regions of the nervous system. How did you come to this conclusion? The researchers observed that by adding oleic acid 'in vitro', T-cell levels skyrocketed and suppressed some of the symptoms associated with multiple sclerosis.

Lose weight and burn fat in 4 days with the avocado diet

Ines Gutierrez

Nor is there to be misled. Not by much avocado, nuts or cheese that you eat, you will get rid of suffering this autoimmune disease or even get to completely control the symptoms if you already suffer from it. But as you recognize David hafler, one of the study authors: "We cannot make recommendations based on 'in vitro' experiments, but apart from the fact that avocado is part of a healthy diet and is rich in saturated fat, I think it is a good idea to advise its frequent consumption . In the future, we want to investigate whether a diet rich in oleic acid really modifies immune function. "

The rest of the health benefits of avocado consist of an improvement in cardiovascular health, as it lacks cholesterol and contains so many good fats, as well as a lower risk of future coronary diseases (such as angina pectoris or myocardial infarction). It is also a food that is highly recommended for athletes and pregnant women, since it is rich in lipids that supply energy to the body. Similarly, positive effects of avocados have been documented for reduce stress due to its richness in fatty acids, magnesium and B vitamins, making it an excellent regulator of the nervous system.