The healthiest ice cream of María Fernández-Rubíes to dream of summer

There are many recipes and dishes that both influencers and celebs have been encouraged to make during these days of quarantine. We have seen Cristina Pedroche's chocolate cake recipe, Nuria Roca's purifying soup, Paula Ordovás's banana pancakes among many other cooking ideas, but we have a new idea that we loved.

Ice cream … Hmm … just by thinking about that word, your mind will automatically move to a walk on the beach with a cone in hand, summer holidays, hot days and terraces … Well , calm. We still have a few weeks to enjoy all that but in the meantime We are left with the María Fernández-Rubíes ice cream recipe which is also healthy and you can eat without any regrets.

100% cocoa ice cream recipe (for two people)

– 3 frozen bananas

– 30 gr of 100% defatted cocoa powder

– 2 or 3 teaspoons of peanut butter dessert (to taste)

Elaboration: all the ingredients are mixed in a blender to achieve the desired texture.

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