The Green Tara mantra for stress

Have you heard about the Green Tara mantra? Today we present it to you and show you its benefits to control stress.

Reviewed and approved by the psychologist Elena Sanz on November 13, 2021.

Last update: November 13, 2021

Mantras are sounds that, according to some beliefs, possess some kind of spiritual power. They are the central axis of Buddhism and Hinduism, although today they have been exported all over the world. One of the best known is the Green Tara mantra, which they claim has properties to promote tranquility and relieve stress.

If you sympathize with eastern beliefs, you have surely heard of the Green Tara mantra. Despite his popularity in the West, there are many misunderstandings surrounding him. Today we will show you what it is, why it is so well known, what its translation is and we will expose its effects to achieve tranquility and promote stress reduction.

What is the Green Tara mantra?

In Eastern countries it is very common to use mantras to achieve a better state of disconnection and relaxation during meditation.

The Green Tara mantra is a mantra related to Tara, a female deity of Buddhism known as the mother of liberation. Tara, also called Dolma, has a total of 21 manifestations. We find among the main Tara blue, yellow, red, white, dark and of course the green Tara.

In this sense, the Green Tara relates to enlightenment, well-being, peace and knowledge. It has its own mantra, although it is not uncommon for it to also be used as the mantra of all the others. The mantra is as follows:

Om Tare Tuttare Ture Soha

Like all mantras, this one is recited to achieve enlightenment, also to assimilate a liberating experience. The mantra is useful to protect against suffering, pain or physical, spiritual and emotional dangers (like stress, in the case of the latter).

It induces a state of consciousness that, according to the oldest traditions of the Tibetans, allows us to free ourselves from pride, ignorance, hatred, jealousy, error, greed, attachment and doubts. In addition, it is recited when a person is sick or as protection when embarking on a new adventure. Its translation is as follows:

  • Om: It does not have a literal translation, since it is a sound that serves as a link between the physical and the spiritual. It is a sacred and supreme unit, one that serves as the starting point for the most important mantras.
  • Tare: vocative construction of Tara, the supreme deity. Collect the exhortation to the particular deity. In the figurative sense, it embodies liberation from suffering.
  • Tuttare: it is outlined as a sign of supplication or supplication to the deity. In the metaphorical sense, it is a protection of fear and a unifier of peace.
  • Ture: it is an adjective that translates as ‘fast’ and ‘swift’. In its figurative sense it frees you from disease.
  • Soha: it has several interpretations, one that is not always easy to transliterate into other languages. Some of them are “Hail!”, “So be it!”, “May the blessing rest!” or other similar ones.

As you can guess, literal translation of the Green Tara mantra is not possible. However, there are several translations that collect to a greater or lesser extent what the mantra wishes to convey. In this sense, we can highlight two interpretations:

“OM. Oh, Tara. I beg of you, Tara. Oh quick. So be it!”

“I prostrate myself before the Liberator, mother of all victors”

Keep in mind at this point that a literal translation is impossible to the extent that each word (or sound, to be more precise) has an isolated symbolic impact. Naturally, the Green Tara mantra can only be pronounced in its original form.

The Green Tara mantra and stress

Scientific studies carried out so far have been able to link the practice of meditation with reducing stress.

With the above stated, you are surely wondering if the Green Tara mantra is effective in relieving stress. Separating the mantra itself from its spiritual or psychological implications is not possible, although as in everything science can say something about it.

For example, studies and research have confirmed that reciting mantras can be effective in combating stress. There is also evidence that they contribute to psychological well-being, in a way that it can provide benefits for managing anxiety and tension.

For all this we do not hesitate to recommend the Green Tara mantra for stress., regardless of its spiritual benefits. You can recite it at any time of the day, although it is suggested in those keys to assimilate greater relaxation. For example, right in the morning when you wake up or at night before going to sleep.

Of course, you can also use it in the middle of a stressful situation, even accompanying it with meditation or yoga sessions. The Green Tara mantra alone is effective, but its power is further enhanced when combined with any of the above activities. Do not stop using it to prevent stress from controlling your life and overwhelming your emotions.

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