The Government admits that vaping is not tobacco, but launches a campaign against its consumption

The Publicity and Institutional Communication Commission, under the Presidency of the Government, has dismissed the request of a company that distributes nicotine vapers, so that the Ministry of Health withdraws or rectifies its last anti-smoking campaign, which explicitly refers to these products As a form of tobacco. This decision comes despite the fact that the commission's report tacitly admits that nicotine vapers are not really tobacco and that their inclusion in the campaign is due to an exercise in the synthesis of commercial advertising.

The campaign in question is focused on showing tobacco products and places special emphasis on showing as harmful products such as electronic cigarettes. These have been the focus of the conflict, and it is that from the industry of the vapers it is understood that these are not tobacco and many users use them to quit smoking, but the 'spots' and publications explicitly include them as a more tobacco.

The campaign includes several types of consumption, ensuring that “all new forms smoking creates addiction and is harmful" In the specific video, they show the different ways of consuming these products, from cigarettes to vapers, ending with “don't be fooled, tobacco binds and kills you. "

The complaint filed first with the Ministry of Health and then with the Commission on Publicity and Institutional Communication is based on the fact that these statements go against truthfulness, misinform, confuse and harm people and companies, and are not justified by the need of synthesis

"According to the official answer, you can lie to be synthetic and creative", sources from the vaping industry say, pointing out that" the false information included in the campaign, when comparing the use of electronic cigarettes with smoking, also harms a method increasingly used by smokers to quit smoking. tobacco".

In the brief, the fundamental reason why the Commission rules in favor of the Ministry is because, although they recognize that vaping is not tobacco, It does say that it does not emit only steam, but also includes substances such as nicotine. It is also explained that "the focus of the campaign comes from the current regulatory regime", which seeks to regulate the category "Tobacco and related products". The vapers would enter the related category.

From the Ministry of Health they say that there is nothing more to add to what the resolution has said and refer to its ruling. The Ministry's argument uses different studies of the agency itself to defend that nicotine vapers also have additive and harmful effects and that their claim of "tobacco binds and kills you … in all its forms" is completely truthful.

Here the administrative route is exhausted. If the industry wants to continue its battle to cease the government's campaign on social networks and television, it must proceed in other legal ways.