The Golo diet teaches you how to control your hormones to lose weight effortlessly

The mechanisms that make our body accumulate extra kilos and refuse to lose them are inscrutable, although little by little science is discovering some of them. What is clear is the diet + exercise pairing does not work for everyone and that is why more or less radical solutions such as the military diet or the volumetric diet proliferate. The last list to join the trending topic diet list is the Golo diet. Unlike others the Golo diet does not propose us to count calories but to watch our hormonesBecause it is their fault that we do not lose a gram even if we starve ourselves. They are right?

What is the Golo diet and what does it consist of?

If we pay attention to what they themselves put on their website, the Golo diet was born with the ambitious goal of make lose weight to all those people who, despite eating properly and exercising, are unable to say goodbye even to a single michelin. For the creators of this diet, the secret of success lies in learning to control the hormone insulin, which they are responsible for finding after storing fat and slowing down metabolism.

And how can you control the amount of insulin in our blood? With the right diet, of course, which is one that has vegetables, fruit, lean meat, pasta and healthy fat. In what quantity or proportion? This is where the problems of the Golo diet begin: to know what to eat and when you should buy your weight loss planOnly then will they send you the plan of what to eat, how much and how.


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Is the Golo diet recommended?

Any diet oriented for a well-balanced diabetic person and made by a nutritionist dietician It is healthy and controls blood glucose levels. The plus that Golo offers to its subscribers is that they provide supplements specially designed by them of quasi-secret composition (although it cites some ingredients as Banaba and Rhodiola rosea leaf extract) that promise to exert a great influence on that weight loss, come on, that these envelopes are the secret of their success … at least, economic because, of course, you have to pay them separately.

Usually dietitians-nutritionists are not fans of diets that proclaim that to lose weight you need a mysterious supplement of mysterious composition and that mysteriously does not have scientific literature on the matter. To think that these supplements work is in most cases an act of faith, but also in the case of the Golo diet supplements there are user reviews that this preparation has nauseated and digestive problems. Do we recommend this type of diet then? If you're going to spend the money, it may be more appropriate for you to spend the money at a dietitian-nutritionist's office than on mystery supplements.

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