The future of medicine: a 360 approach to the patient in an integral way

We believe that the model is old, in which the focus was on alleviating the symptoms, because we know that it is not the same treatment that a person should receive if they have, for example, poor digestion because X food makes them sick than if the focus of your discomfort is stress.

Today modern medicine focuses on the discomfort ending as quickly as possible: take a pill and voila. The downside with that is that the problem is not resolved.

We need to take the time to get to the root, understand if it is a physical or emotional problem, and give it the necessary treatment.

At present, yes you have a heart attack you leave with a lot of medication but there is no serious plan to review your diet, to see how to reduce stress or include sport in your life if you did not do so far.

There is no tracking of all those factors that can really make a real improvement in your health. We are used to taking medications as if it were the only solution without thinking about the side effects or other more natural ways to solve it.

We believe that the monitoring of hand habits by a professional is essential to achieve long-term improvements in our health: know many more foods, learn new ways to cook them, make space to dedicate ourselves to self care, learn to stop, take new tools that help us reduce anxiety, learn to recognize and manage our emotions, among others.

When we talk about health, we put food and sports on the same level as finding moments to do things that make you happy. The perfect habits if you have a self-demand terrible back do not work, we need to be at peace with ourselves knowing how to get back to balance.

It is about going back to the origins, to the real food, to give your body the movement it needs to oxygenate, to reduce the stress that is one of the ills of this century, to find activities that allow us to anchor ourselves in the present, and with all this we do not say that you are a Buddhist monk to have good health, if not balance.

From this perspective, there are no magic solutions, they involve much more commitment and responsibility from the patient, but it is the only thing that really makes sense in the long term. We must take charge, take responsibility again for our life and our health.

We believe that responsibility is not only in medicine but also in the decisions people make and how they manage their own health. Being healthy should be the responsibility of each one and medicine accompany healthy habits and sustainable in the time.

The future of medicine, as we see it, is a 360, where habits are the backbone of our health and the self-knowledge the firm roots from which we cultivate our well-being.

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