The four simple steps you must follow to calm anxiety

On television, on public transport and in conversations with family and friends. Anxiety remains one of the most common psychological disorders in our country. 57% of the population admits having had several episodes throughout their lives and 35% confess to having located a trigger, as it can be unemployment or economic problems.

In a world increasingly hyperconnected and demanding, it is very difficult to feel fully calm without being assaulted by this annoying sensation. No one is safe and it can appear at any time of your life. In addition, it can become other pathologies whose effects are much worse, such as agoraphobia. Recently, the famous singer Robbie Williams He confessed in an interview for the British newspaper 'The Sun' to have spent six years prostrate on the couch due to this problem. "My career had been stratospheric to this point and I needed some time to regain my balance," he said. "My body and my mind told me that I should not go anywhere and that he could not do anything. They asked me to wait, so I literally sat on the couch and waited. "

Take a break to breathe and be aware that you are safe and that you are going to stop

Jade Goulding, journalist of the magazine 'Mighty', has suffered throughout his life anxiety. Hence, he had to lead a healthy lifestyle with exercise, meditation, healthy eating and no alcohol. But he still feels panic that any day will come back. "My heart races, my mouth dries up and I start to stutter," he admits. "But I'm not worried anymore, it happens very often. I still do not know why my body responds in this way, since I have no problems, I live with the people I love and enjoy economic stability. "

"There are many anxiety symptoms that you simply do not have control over"says Goulding. "For me the most annoying is that the voice shakes you." Thanks to the help of a mental health professional, he got to know the root of his problem and act accordingly. For this reason, she has developed a series of steps that she has decided to share with her readers so that, like her, they can minimize or eradicate this disease.

Recognize it

The most essential. "In those moments, I can notice how a kind of nervous response appears in my head," he explains. "So, I wish I could discard the feeling, but unfortunately the mental chaos does not go away. Therefore, the best you can do is accept it in the best possible way and recognize that it is there. "

A breath

"Take a break to breathe," advises Goulding. "Be aware that you are safe and that you are going to manage it." At this moment I feel as if my limbic system (the emotional part of the brain) went crazy for no reason and I feel terror at what may happen next. " Therefore, as he says, it is best to leave the task you are doing and take a break to face it.

A phrase of relief

In situations like this, the journalist advises repeating mentally a phrase that will bring you relief until you really believe it. "Oh great, here I am, I'm fine right now, I just need to relax," is an example that could serve quite well. "This has already happened, you are not in danger. " It is vital to try to generate positive thoughts to stop anxiety. And although at first it seems a bit strange and impossible, if you repeat these statements several times for yourself, surely the fateful episode will pass and you barely notice it.

Stand up straight

"So I can breathe deeper, I have more confidence in myself and I get focus my attention from the mental to the physical ", Goulding advises. "I understand that it's not easy, but walk with the straight body When anxiety manifests, it is one of the things that works for me. Of course, it does not eliminate it, but it does manage to appease it. If more serious things happen or stress situations arise, I need a little time for myself and for my care, and sometimes even medication. "

The best you can do, if you're really worried or you think that anxiety puts your everyday life in check, is to go to a professional and give him all the attention of the world. Many times everything depends on the vital phase that you are going through, so do not be overwhelmed or believe that it is forever.