The foods you should never eat on an empty stomach

The popular saying ensures that breakfast It is the most important meal of the day, and you surely remember that if you want to live a long and healthy life You are supposed to make a blunt one, similar to that of a king, to eat like a prince and end the day having dinner like a beggar. At the moment of truth, some people dream of their orange juice, milk and toast, while others are worth it with a yogurt and even the bravest dare to leave home on an empty stomach.

For the latter, who arrive at work and may decide to drink a sugary drink in the middle of the morning. Or for those who get up they choose a poor diet, for all of them this article is thought, because there are a number of foods that you should never choose on an empty stomach, if you do not want to have a heavy digestion and remember them For a long time.

Sweetened and carbonated drinks

Many people think that The drinks They can be consumed at any time, and surely on more than one occasion when the hunger bug has stung you have decided to go for one, but in reality, when you have an empty stomach, they are not the best option. In addition to swelling, they also produce acidity, which according to some studies could be a cause of esophageal cancer. Better think twice before approaching the machine.

Bananas and pears

It is quite common in people who do not want to eat breakfast, get up and take a banana. Some people also ingest it after exercising on an empty stomach, and although this fruit has great benefits (they are high in magnesium), when consumed on an empty stomach, it is rapidly absorbed, which affects the cardiovascular system.

In the case of pears, they contain raw fiber and can damage the mucous membranes and cause stomach ache. It is advisable to combine it, in case you like to take it for breakfast, with oatmeal or other grains.

Sweets and industrial pastries

Do not overdo them, no matter how sweet you are. The reason is that after wake up the pancreas You cannot produce the necessary amount of insulin to maintain your normal blood levels. In addition, sugar is an acidic food that can alter the acid-alkaline balance.

Try to avoid foods that produce acidity, because according to studies, it could be related to esophageal cancer

Surely on more than one occasion you woke up wanting to take a croissant or a chocolate palm, before running off to work. In this case the yeast can irritate the stomach, so if you have frequent stomach aches They could be the answer.


Yogurt is full of lactic acid bacteria that have many health benefits, but this lactic acid may become ineffective In an acid stomach. The best time to eat it is as a snack, an hour or two after a meal.

Dairy products, although they do not cause much damage when consumed on an empty stomach, do not provide many benefits either. If they enter the body on an empty stomach, the beneficial bacteria contained in them They are destroyed by gastric juice.


We are sorry, but they are not the perfect idea either. The acids contained in citrus fruits, if ingested on an empty stomach, can cause heartburn and also cause allergies, gastritis and even ulcers.

What is the ideal breakfast?

After reading about all the foods you cannot eat (some of which you probably cannot or want to do without your breakfast), you will ask yourself, of course, what is the ideal breakfast that It will not affect your body and will give you benefits. First of all, a good breakfast should cover 20-25% of daily energy needs, from eggs to cereals, toast or fruit are always good options, and experts recommend not to leave the house on an empty stomach or Having had only one coffee. They also advise drinking a glass of water as soon as you wake up, to hydrate and activate metabolism.

Also, if you have ever wondered if it is a better idea to go to training fasting or having taken something, many studies ensure that you eat carbohydrates before any physical activity It allows you to improve your physical performance, although it is best to opt for something that is not very heavy and that gives you fuel. If, on the contrary, you prefer to train on an empty stomach, be careful with possible fading and try to contribute to your body Then the energy you need to keep functioning properly.