The flu disease and its myths: what we are wrong about

Do you often hear phrases like "the flu and the cold is more or less the same, "" the vaccines against this disease they are not so useful and can affect you a lot "or" vitamin C prevents this condition "? You must learn to differentiate between myths and realities and start not believing everything they tell you.

It is normal to be confused with such a disease common which "constitutes an important public health problem", according to the Influenza Surveillance System in Spain. In fact, according to their figures, the impact of the epidemic In the 2018-2019 season, there were 490,000 minor cases treated in primary care and more than 35,000 requiring hospitalization.

Are you one of those who think prevention is better than cure? Do you want to avoid getting bad that season? Have the right information to make sound decisions for your health it is essential to acquire a Good defense. Pay attention and make it clear to your acquaintances when some smarties are created about the influenza.

The same as the cold

No, it is not the same. While both share several symptomsThere are clear ways to know which one you suffer and this can be vital when deciding which treatment to choose. Do you know that there are more than 200 different viruses that cause constipation? For example, the flu is caused by the flu and has a incubation period from 18 to 36 hours while the cold is 48 to 72. So much variety of germs makes it easy for us to get infected several times throughout the year, changing how they manifest and affect us in our daily lives.

Myth: if you get a flu shot you will have the disease. It is not true, since this form of prevention contains inactive viruses

He runny nose It is one of the main characteristics of the cold and may be accompanied by congestion. On the contrary, when we suffer from the flu, the nose is usually clear. With the sneeze The exact same thing happens: they often occur in the constipated and occasionally in the second case. As for the itchy eyes It is a symptom that is usually associated more with an allergic process, although it may appear rarely.

The most important signal, revealing and with the greatest care to be taken is with the fever. While it does not usually appear in colds and if it occurs it is not very high, when the influenza virus attacks your body, the temperature rises a lot, so you should be alert in case there is a risk of infection. Also, being for four or five days with this symptom is normal, it means that your defenses are fighting viruses. The cough, accompanied by mucus and the sore throat They also appear with the constipated. If there are no mucus and you have a dry cough, very severe headaches or muscle aches in the legs and back, all these are symptoms of the flu.

Vaccines do not work

Experts agree that this remedy should be the first line of defense for almost all people from six months. Do you think it is not true? During the 2016-2017 flu season, they helped, in the US alone, more than 5 million people to prevent it, according to the estimates of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Vaccines They are especially important for adults 50 years and older, children under five and those with chronic health problems (such as diabetes, asthma, COPD and heart disease) or a weakened immune system, according to the American Lung Association. "Everyone included in these groups has a increased risk of developing serious complications, so they have to prevent it, "he says David Cutler, GP at the Providence St. John Health Center in Santa Monica, California, at 'Prevention'.

The flu is caused by the 'influenza' virus and has an incubation period of 18 to 36 hours while the cold is 48 to 72

Another belief is that it is of no use that pregnant women get vaccinated Error. Not only is it suitable for them, but also is indicated for belonging to a risk group, so it is totally safe. In addition, it is one of the most reliable solutions with the lowest rate of adverse effects and The disease can never occur because it contains inactive viruses.

Nor do you think it is an infallible solution. Getting vaccinated will not guarantee that you leave unharmed, but experts agree that it is the best protection there is, since it reduces the risk of getting it by up to 60% among the general population. Also, if you get the disease, you probably your symptoms will be milder that if you hadn't prevented it.

Healing foods

You drink orange juice to fight the flu because you have listened to it all your life, but although vitamin C is attributed with properties that strengthen the immune system, there are no clinical trials that support this theory. The same goes for him. garlic, onion, ginger or propolis. Although many of these foods have analgesic characteristics, there is no scientific evidence They really work.

Have you heard that it is better to avoid dairy? The myth that these products are widespread cause phlegm, but the truth is that they can only affect if you have health problems, intolerances or allergies to this type of food. However, don't believe that chicken soup is a story, because numerous investigations guarantee that the mixture of vitamins and nutrients of this broth They have an anti-inflammatory effect that slows the growth of leukocytes involved in the release of mucus and contains other medicinal agents similar to modern pharmacological substances.

Temperature changes

Know that this disease has nothing to do with your catching cold. The flu is an infectious-contagious condition caused by a virus. Although it is more frequent during the winter months, warm up or spending time outdoors are not the cause of your suffering.

Experts agree that getting vaccinated should be the first line of defense for almost everyone after six months

Is better cover up and sweat or one freezing shower and be uncovered? The truth is none of these measures are adequate To fight the fever. What you should do is wear breathable clothing, be naked, have a wet towel on your forehead or take a warm bath (about 37 degrees) and drink plenty of fluids. In addition, you should ventilate the room even a few minutes, especially in warm environments.