The five most common mistakes you make when cooking

Millions of Spaniards have taken advantage of these last weeks to get fit at the controls of the kitchen. In truth, it is an excellent opportunity to prepare dishes that we were not used to, as well as developing culinary skills that we have never practiced. Without going further, making artisan bread and typical pastry productsHence, yeast has been one of the most demanded goods in supermarkets.

However, this rebound in kitchen use can also bring deficiencies both in the way of preparing food as in the correct condition of the materials we use. It is possible that you have missed some important information or some detail that makes your dishes not look as they should. Daily The Daily Meal ’magazine has put together some of the most common mistakes we make when we cook, and you will surely meet several of them.

When defrosting …

It is very important that the products take their defrosting time, since if you return them to their normal state in a few minutes and to the gross, such as sprinkling hot water or boiling in a water bathThe bacteria that live in them can multiply quickly, which can be dangerous. For all these reasons, it is best to let them thaw on their own in the refrigerator, in cold water or, directly, leaving them to rest the night before. You can also use the function of defrost from microwaveOnly you run the risk of affecting its texture (for example in bread).

Preheat the oven

Putting your food in the oven when it has been heating for a few minutes is essential so that they are optimal in appearance and taste, because if you do not you risk leaving some undercooked areas. This is especially necessary in baking. It is important that you follow the instructions of the recipes to know how to act, and in all of them they surely indicate the need for the interior of the oven to be very hot so that it is done in perfect condition. Normally you should leave the oven on between 15 and 20 minutes to reach the optimum temperature.

Try not to use the same wooden board if the recipe has many ingredients. And if not, wash it as you go through it

Similarly, another gross mistake with this appliance is to open it continuously once you have put the food in. This breaks the heat chain and it will make the preparation or baking time longer than necessary. If you open and close it continuously, it will take a while for it to regain its lost temperature.

The expiration date of spices

Dressing your dishes with oregano, thyme or basil will give them a succulent flavor. Although you have good reserves of spices, you should pay special attention to its expiration date, since as time passes they lose their olfactory and gustatory capacity. The best thing is that if they have been stored in the same boat for a long time, you change the container, or you replace them.

Use the same cutting board

The wooden surface on which we chop the ingredients that we will later add to the pan ands a perfect receptacle for bacteria and microorganisms that spread when we make the cuts. Try not to use the same table if the recipe has many mixed foods. And if not, wash it as you go through it. The best thing is that you separate the vegetables from the meat or fish.

Sharp knives!

Although it sounds paradoxical, the chances of cutting yourself with one of them while you are cooking are much higher if the knife is not sharpened, since the risk of it slipping or slipping through food is quite large, finally going to your fingers or hands. Sharpen them well and your way of cooking will gain in speed and comfort, but also in security.