The fitness gurus in Spanish that you have to follow on Instagram to get a body 10

You have set yourself a goal: enter the sport in your life as part of your plan to lead a healthy life. But when you get down to it, you realize that your pace of life doesn’t allow you to spend too much time on it. Happen to you? Don’t worry, start small. A first step may be to follow these fitness gurus that swarm on Instagram, since they share with their respective communities the best workouts to do from home without spending too much time. You’ll see how once you get down to it, you want more. Click on the follow button and, above all, pay attention to them because this is like the gym, it is not worth just signing up, you also have to go:

Elisa Riveres @elisariveres (Spain)

We start our selection with Elisa riveres, a personal trainer who has more than 10,000 followers on Instagram. Didn’t you know her? In his social networks he shares sport, sport and more sport, through different workout routines that you can do from your home. Don’t say we don’t make it easy for you.

Paula Butragueño @pau_inspirafit (Spain)

You are sure you know her. Paula Butragueño is a fitness instructor, Nike Master trainer, mindfulness coach, Jivamukt Yoga teacher and author of 10 weeks to feel 10, passionate about healthy living and well-being. In your profile you will find training sessions to get in shape and healthy recipes. It is one of the Spanish fit influencers with more followers with more than 122 thousand.

Massy Arias @ massy.arias (Dominican Republic)

With almost 3 million followers, this influencer from the Dominican Republic shares with her community her sports routines and her advice to carry a healthy lifestyle. This influencer based in the United States managed to get ahead after a very hard experience and adopted fitness as a way of life. His workouts are hard as they are based on calisthenics, yoga, resistance, high intensity interval training and sprinting.

Miriam García @go_miriam (Mexico)

Trainer, runner, cyclist, and also motivatorThis is Miriam García, who has almost 50 thousand followers on Instagram. Not only does she share her workouts, but she publishes numerous posts in which she can be seen practicing sports as a good way to to motivate to your community.

JousFit @jousfit (Mexico)

This Mexican based in Dubai shares with her almost 900 thousand followers their workouts and, above all, motivational phrases to accompany you in your life change process. Is very enthusiastic and it transmits very good vibrations, which prompts you to want to adopt its way of life if with it you achieve its vitality.

María Rossich @womanpersonaltrainers (Spain)

María Rossich is a personal trainer who shares with her more than 100 thousand followers daily routines that you can carry out from home. You only need willpower to carry out the exercises that he proposes and thus achieve a body 10 and, above all, transform your life to a more fit style.

Esther and Gemma Pineda @gemelas_pin (Spain)

Esther and Gemma started life as swimmers at the age of 10 and since then they have not stopped playing sports. After staying out of the Beijing Olympics, they decided to leave swimming behind to start their own fitness routine business. Squats, jump rope, side planks, and burpees They are his star exercises and if you follow them you will get in shape in record time. Of course, it takes effort and willpower.

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