The first drug against COVID-19: a hope for millions of people

He is listed as the first drug against COVID-19. Many receive this news with hope. Millions of people around the world yearn for a treatment against this virus. The truth is that many tests demonstrate its effectiveness.

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The good news comes from researchers at the UK, who have observed good results with the use of dexamethasone. In addition, everything indicates that when combined with oxygen, it significantly improves the results.

An opportunity for critically ill patients with COVID-19 infection

The study by a doctor of Britain make one thing clear: this drug works for patients in Serious condition. It has not shown greater success in patients who are not seriously ill.

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This means that this drug must be used in people with very marked symptoms. Apparently, when the disease is very advanced the dexamethasone manages to inhibit the effects of the virus.

Thus, it is not a preventive treatment. However, it is a great joy to know that an alternative is available for those who are in extreme stages of this health disorder.

An unexpected treatment in the middle of the pandemic

Many have been tried alternatives to treat this virus. For example, it has been said that it is necessary to locate coronavirus supercontactors to slow down the rate of infection. However, this initiative does not directly attack the infectious vector.

Even, things like a cannabis treatment against coronavirus. However, this medicine has been tested on people from UK with good results. Therefore, there are high hopes for its use.

This is how a light of hope opens to control this pandemic. It must be remembered that many laboratories work in a possible vaccine. However, in this case the results come from direct treatment with patients.

What exactly is dexamethasone?

It is a drug discovered in 1957 and widely used in the health community. It's about a shortcoseroid, of excellent effects toanti-inflammatory. Also, it has a detail: it is widely used for treat allergies.

Its essential characteristic is that suppresses the anti-immune response. And just this is one of the problems with the coronavirus!

It happens that this virus triggers a inflammatory reaction in the lungs, which are thus impelled to do their work.

In such a case, the statistics show the following: 1 in 8 very serious patients (already considered terminal) have managed to recover. Likewise, this data tends to increase if the treatment is supplemented with oxygen.

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Do we have a solution to the coronavirus? This medicine promises to complement existing measures: social distance, constant hygiene, etc. Without a doubt, it is a step forward to overcome this disease. Humanity can do it!