The feasts are over: five detox infusions to purify the body

Copious dinner on Christmas Eve, lunch on Christmas, dinner on New Year’s Eve, lunch on New Year’s Eve and start over at Reyes. Christmas has come to an end, and with it the binge typical of these dates. Now it’s time to put the batteries to detoxify the body, and for this, nothing better than trying with some infusions with the ability to eliminate toxins, as well as purify and prevent fluid retention and other digestive problems. The term detox refers to a process through which we abstain or eliminate from our body toxic substances or unhealthy and there are several natural ingredients that can help you achieve this:

– Green Tea: Surely you have heard it sometime and it is one of the best known drinks to purify the body, since it promotes the elimination of toxins. It also contributes to better digestive health and helps you lose weight, as explained from Better with Health, since green tea increases fat burning and prevents fluid retention in the body.

– Horse tail: This ingredient is rich in mineral salts such as silicon and potassium, and active principles such as saponids and flavonoids that have a high purifying power and favor the fluid removal. In addition to its ability to help to progressively eliminate water from the body, it is also able to eliminate toxins from the body.

– Artichoke water: the artichoke stands out for being rich in fiber and water, With which, it not only helps to satisfy the appetite and promote intestinal transit, but also to burn fat. For this reason, the water obtained from its cooking has properties diuretic and cleansing that prevent fluid retention, favor the digestion of fats and the elimination of toxins.

– Milk thistle: Its seeds contain silymarin, which strengthens the membrane of the cells of the liver and thus reduces the amount of toxins that enter them.

– Dandelion: It is another infusion with a purifying and diuretic effect. It is recommended for patients with fatty liver and other liver diseases. It is an infusion purifying excellent as it stimulates the secretion of the different organs of the digestive system. It also improves skin problems, such as sebaceous cysts and acne, helps against constipation in older people and improves blood circulation.

How to prepare a good detox infusion?

When the water reaches the point of boiling, do not let it continue boiling, pour it into a teapot or cup and add the ingredient you have chosen. If you add it directly without filter, it should be strained after the standing time. Cover the infusion so that the active principles of the plants evaporate and leave it rest eight to twelve minutes before removing the filter. It is advisable not to sweeten it but if you find it very difficult, do it with brown sugar or honey.

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