The fat that hurts

In the ancient world, illnesses were thought to be a consequence of a diabolical possession or divine punishment. The truth is that these kinds of magical or animistic thoughts are not strange when we see the testimonies of some patients. You don't have to investigate much online to find cases like Some women who begin to accumulate fat, in a mysterious and progressive way, causing his legs to be deformed and sometimes his arms, unstoppably. As they say, these parts do not lose weight despite severe diets. It is a disease known as lipedema.

The famous do not get rid of this disease. Alicia Keys, Jennifer Lopez or Kim Kardashian, although some deny it, they could suffer it, as we can see in some photos. In some countries, such as Germany, we have an advantage, but also in Spain there is an association of people with this disease called Adalipe.

The origin of lipedema

There is still much ignorance about this disorder. Most people think that it is nothing more than obesity. According to complaints from any of those affected, it can also be thought by a doctor. Nothing could be further from the truth. Lipedema is a Adipose tissue disease and fatty tissue metabolism that is altered The disease affects women almost entirely and its cause is unknown. There could be some associated genetic type factor, since there are usually cases within the same family.

If left untreated in time it can cause mobility impairment

The accumulation of fat in the lower extremities and sometimes in the arms is progressive. This produces a deformity of the legs in which sometimes the thigh, knee, calf and ankle are the same thickness. Upon reaching the ankle it adopts a form as if it were a bomber pants. Fat does not accumulate in the feet and hands, which makes the deformity more noticeable, if possible. It also implies a weight gain that can lead to obesity, since it is difficult to control, if not impossible, even if a diet or exercise is done. In addition, blood vessels become fragile, favoring the appearance of bruises, even spontaneously. There is also a hypersensitivity to pain, hence the disorder is also known as ‘painful fat syndrome’.

How is this disease logical It is an aesthetic problem but there are also other additions. Over time there is also pain in the knees or legs in general, which makes walking difficult. This can cause, if not treated in time, a deterioration of mobility. The age of onset or worsening coincides with hormonal changes such as menopause, pregnancy or puberty.

Your treatment

Unfortunately, the disease, today, is incurable. There are only a series of measures and treatments to alleviate your symptoms and with them it is about slowing down, stopping and in some cases reversing the disorder. Diets can help reduce fat not affected by the disease or reduce associated inflammation. Exercises such as walking, swimming, yoga, etc. they can help maintain an adequate weight, improve lymphatic drainage and increase mobility. Compression stockings are essential, especially when exercising, and manual lymphatic drainage massages. As for surgical treatment, we must try to find specialized centers in this type of pathology since liposuction, performed by inexperienced hands, could alter lymphatic drainage and worsen the picture. It is best that you report well.

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