The famous doctors, in the spotlight

This week we have been able to see, with surprise, how the doctor of Diego Armando Maradona after his tragic passing. The relationship of Doctors with famous people, kings or politicians is not usually easy. They say that in the ancient Chinese empire taking the emperor's pulse or practicing acupuncture was a dangerous activity. Chinese doctor Bian Que he had to hastily escape from the court of the Qin kingdom after diagnosing his monarch with a fatal illness. We are not sure what happened to the doctors of the Egyptian pharaohs, but it would not be surprising if more than one accompanied their deceased patient on the journey to the afterlife. Without going any further, a colleague told me that the police had to cordon off his hospital due to the reaction of the family of a patriarch who died and that he wanted to execute the doctor who had treated him, so this type of thought in front of the doctors arrives to the present day.

Leopoldo Luciano Luque, which is the name of the doctor of the 'Argentine star', had been his personal physician and his friend, in recent times. Taking pictures together even on Instagram. He was the person who diagnosed and operated on a brain hematoma a few days before his death. This disease, if not treated urgently, can inexorably lead to death. Suspicion of wrongful death arises after the statements of the testimony taken on Saturday Dalma, Giannina and Jana, Maradona's three daughters. Investigators analyze the causes of his death and seek to corroborate possible assumptions and suspicions revealed by his daughters. Among other things, an attempt will be made to determine precisely what medications were prescribed and the prosecutors considered that the medical material that was available was insufficient for a home confinement. No defibrillator or serum was found, etc. The nurse who treated him, who curiously goes by the name Madrid, declared that he performed basic resuscitation maneuvers with mouth-to-mouth resuscitation and cardiac massage to try to revive him. We will see how the matter ends, but for the moment, autopsy results point to a complication of your heart disease, a dilated cardiomyopathy, which usually occurs, among other causes, in patients with alcohol dependence.

Being a famous doctor is not an easy thing. If not, they tell the de Michel Jackson, Conrad Murray, the doctor convicted of the involuntary manslaughter of Michael Jackson. Apparently the doctor administered propofol, a drug that is not used outside the hospital setting, to control his state of anxiety and insomnia and whose abuse could lead to his death in 2009. The cardiologist spent two years in prison, leaving earlier than his due, he has lost his license to practice medicine and has declared himself destitute.

The Elvis case

History repeats itself. Constantine Nichopoulos was the doctor who accompanied Elvis Presley during his last days. Nick, who was known that way, always wore a Hawaiian shirt along with a black bag where he carried all the medication. Elvis passed away in the bathroom of his Graceland mansion in Memphis. The reason was that he suffered from chronic constipation, perhaps due to some type of intestinal paralysis or because of the large amount of medication such as pain relievers, tranquilizers, codeine, morphine or barbiturates that he used regularly. The doctor was accused of improperly administering these types of drugs, but he was acquitted at trial. Years later, he lost his license to practice medicine and did not regain it until his death at the age of 88. Something similar happened with other characters like Marilyn Monroe or the singer Prince. Will we have to consider being a celebrity doctor a risky profession?

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