The exercises that will put you like a bull (and they are very easy)

Many people go to the gym in order to change something in their physique: they want to get stronger, or lose weight, or get that body that seems that only some lucky people in magazines can have. On other occasions, they simply do it because they want to improve their health by exercising to help them speed up the heart rate and gain resistance.

Sometimes both things go hand in hand. You will have heard on more than one occasion how important is physical exercise to stay fit and in a healthy way, and it is true, but you do not need to run a marathon or you kill yourself in a crossfit trainingIn fact, it is much simpler than that. Coach Jeremy Scott has shown it in the men's magazine 'Men's Health' and also usually posts training on his Instagram page.

"For your heart to pump, you really only need to use your body weight," he explains. "It is not necessary to use spades, kettlebells or other objects. If you do a circuit in which you include a job in almost every part of your body, put a playlist that motivates you to burn fat and give it hard, "he points out. But, what is the exercise that advocates so much that you do?

The training

This is a training that includes 40 squats, 30 skater jumps, 20 push-ups with knees and a variation of the climber which he calls "worm". In case you are not clear about any of the terms do not worry, we know that a picture is worth a thousand words, and so Scott has uploaded the video to Instagram so there is no doubt. Of course, once you make the first round (starting with the squats and ending with the worm), you must repeat the entire series but vice versa.

When doing squats, make sure you reach depth so that they are truly effective and, of course, keep your chest high and straight. Because the ability to reach squat depth is limited Because of the mobility of your hip and ankle, it is best that you squat as low as possible, without dropping your torso or standing on your tiptoes.

It includes 40 squats, 30 skater jumps, 20 knee push-ups with knees and a climber variant. You must do it in two batches

Making the skater, be very careful with your knees. It seems like an easy exercise but it isn't, and how quickly you decide to do it will make your heart rate goes up more or less. Keep your feet straight whenever you fall, and if you have any problems with this exercise, Scott advises that you simply do normal squats.

Probably the most difficult are the push-ups, because you will have to endure doing The iron while you touch your knees and shoulders and then you can proceed to perform the 'push up'. Many people in the post have commented on how hard this exercise is: "Uncle, it is very difficult but when you finish you feel very good, I will definitely continue doing it," said one user, "I love how I feel at the end," said another. The most important thing is that you keep your hips and shoulders high, squeezing the body hard will be easier.

After the push-ups, only the worm remains. Scott advises that you do it climbing stairs to add difficulty, although if it is your first day or you don't feel very safe, try to make it easier for you. If you have the strength to repeat the inverse series We guarantee you will sweat, and without using anything but your own body. Get ready for the January slope!