The exercise of 21 minutes a week with which he managed to lose weight 18 kg

David Paul Kirkpatrick has been a storyteller all his life, and perhaps this is the most important of all. He was head of production in Walt Disney Pictures and president of Paramount Pictures, and with that busy schedule I did not have much time to exercise. "A friend on Facebook asked me if I had ever run again with the freedom that we all do when we are kids," he tells in 'NBC News'. "That made me think", Add.

I had been trying to walk frequently with a application that told him the steps and although on one occasion he made more than 10,000He had not dared to run, but decided to try. "At the beginning it was horrible," he admitted, because instead of running without a clear goal, he ran with all his strength in pursuit of a soccer ball until exhausted. "Unlike the long distance race, which is a aerobic exercise, what I decided to do was anaerobic, which means that my body moved to an intensity such that my cardiovascular systemr could not supply oxygen to the muscles quickly enough. I thought I was dying, "he says.

A ball that changed everything

Anyway, the soccer ball brought fun. "The ball spinning on the grass always gives me the strength to keep doing it. start releasing endorphins and I felt very optimistic and confident ": Thus began his routine, something apparently very simple that, however, has helped him lose 18 kilos.

I only run three days and do seven races of 15 seconds. It's about 21 minutes a week, that if you think about it, it's nothing

Kirkpatrick runs three days a week and he takes a day off between each of them to give his body a good recovery, in total he usually completes seven races in a row and each sprint lasts approximately 15 seconds. "That's the time it takes you, approximately, to catch the ball after kicking it many times." I also warm up for three or four minutes by doing a brisk walk and some simple stretches. Equivalent to 21 minutes a week, that if you think about it, it's nothing. "

Why do you chase a ball instead of running, no more? Believes that it is more similar to pursuing a goal, a final goal. "This is more fun, I used to skate on ice when I was little, play ball, run … that kind of thing, football is present anywhere in the world, but when I started working it was a lot more difficult to reconcile these activities"

I follow the 80/20 rule, which means that 80% of what I eat are fruits and vegetables and the remaining 20 proteins

Of course, without a healthy and balanced diet Weight loss would not have been possible. Before starting with this simple training routine, he used to eat excessively due to anxiety, but he ensures that now the races reduce stress and eat much less. Not only that, he also changed the way his diet is proposed: follows the 80/20 rule, which means that 80% of what you eat are fruits and vegetables and the remaining 20 proteins. Breakfast can be, for example, a toast with blueberries, at midmorning you should take a piece of fruit, to eat salmon and broccoli, hummus snack and, finally, at dinner, scrambled eggs with vegetables.

"I have gained in quality of life," says our protagonist, who turns 68 this month. "I sleep better, I have cholesterol well, blood and insulin according to what the latest analyzes told me … and the funny thing is that everything started with a sprint. The exercise it brings us something that is essential and simply wonderful, "he concludes.