The exact steps you need to update if you want to live longer

Surely everyday you hear something new about how important it is exercise for your health. In a world like the one we live in, where we spend hours in front of the computer and sitting comfortably on our desk, it is quite complicated to take a while to do sport. When you get home you are so mentally tired that you do not feel like it put on your shoes of sport and go to fitness center, but what about walking, now that the good weather?

How many steps do you have to take to really make it cash, so much for our health How to lose weight? An old Japanese marketing campaign talked about walking 10,000 steps a day, with the help of a pedometer, and since then, although the number does not have nothing magical, has been established as a usual measure. In the United States they are usually mentioned as a stipulated measure when they want set goals to promote the new health.

But, before the campaign in JapanWhere did that number come from? It was a randomly established measure? The truth is that according to the doctor I-Min Lee In 'NPR', a study has recently been conducted to establish the steps you really should take if you want impact on your health, and the results are different than expected. "We were curious to know how many steps would have to be taken in order to get a long and healthy life, so we designed a study that included some 17,000 women with an average age of 72 years. All agreed to use portable devices that would track their steps while performing their daily activities. Those that gave about 4,000 steps ended up having a longer life than those who did less. It was quite surprising. "

There is no magic number, but recent studies suggest that giving an approximate 4,000 daily steps could increase life

All this was studied in four years, and the findings were quite striking, so much so that they have been recently published in 'JAMA Internal Medicine' Another curious fact was that the benefits of walking reach an exact total of 7,500 steps. Those women who walked more than that number did not see any additional increase in longevity, chance? "I love this study," he said. the university professor Kathleen Janz. "It's good news for those women who can not be as active as they want."

According to her, the study shows that, really, the light exercise It has more benefits than previously believed. "We do not need go to the gym or invest in a personal trainer"he explains, although there is a but in all this: the steps taken were measured but other exercises such as gardening, swimming or cycling. Things that you probably do also in your day to day and do not take into account, although also influence your health.

In conclusion, if you believe that the 10,000 stipulated steps are a bit Out of your reach Due to your busy work life, this news will probably come as a glove. Buy yourself a pedometer if you see it necessary and try to do about 4,400 steps a day (approximate, nothing happens) along with other daily activities enjoy it.